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Those Little Lights in the Suzuki Fairing.

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See if the lights turn on when you turn the key in the ignition lock to the "Park" position.

They may have to do with a requirement of the European "DOT"s.

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Yes they come on in the locked position (headlights do not) so does that make them Parking lights only? I never leave mine set in that position, wouldn't really know why I would. Well I guess if I was broke down on the side of the road...
I lived in Germany for several years; the Germans have some streets where you are required to park with your lights on. With the engine off and the key out of the ignition German cars give the headlights just enough electricity to light up without killing the battery too fast. Motorcycles have much smaller batteries (obviously), so even that trickle of electricity would yield a dead battery fairly soon. It's not so difficult to find a hill to roll start your bike, but it is inconvenient. The manufacturers put low power parking lights on the bikes so the battery will last longer. Alternatively you could just park somewhere else.

As to why you're required to keep your lights on on those streets, I have no idea, but I suspect Germany isn't the only country with such requirements.
My Triumph has a key position that allows you to turn on the tail light with the fork locked while parked.
I think that requirement to leave the lights on on parked vehicles really takes on new meaning during Octoberfest. Think of all the Liederhosen that have been soiled when drunks ride up one way streets the wrong way. If they see the lights, they may not venture up the dimly lit road in question.

It saves the municipality from having to install street lights and it keeps Liederhosen fresh.


I can attest that the lights will not kill the battery if left on accidentally for 9 hours, because I did this twice when I've parked at work in the morning and find the lights on when I get off in the afternoon. I was impressed.

So what it sounds like is that in the US, these lights serve no "real" purpose and that using them as Turn-Signal flashers is not only possible but also with DOT (US - DOT) regulations.?
I would think you would want other drivers to know whether you plan on turning or not. If you get rid of the external signals and use some obscure little light buried within the headlight housing, you could be putting yourself in danger.
Yeah, but it looks so cool! And think of the reduction of drag by removing the external signals. Very useful on public roads. 0.00000001% performance increase!
Those are lights from the SV gnomes working in the Suzuki horsepower mines, where they chisel away at torque ore with their tiny little picaxes.

If you cover the holes up they will soffocate and die, leaving a horrible stench much like that of a Buell XV9sx that needs it's TPS adjusted again.
Right. I was going to say that, except the part about the X9, I've never been close enough to one to smell it.
We've all spent more money and time to get less.
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