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Three Dead in First Two Days of Myrtle Beach Rally.

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Maybe a "Look out for motorcycles" campaign would be a good idea prior to the event?
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So maybe next year we'll meet somewhere else. Maybe a more cycle friendly location.
Interesting that there was no mention of helmets...
Since it's a Harley rally there's no point in wasting ink on the obvious.
Is that a comment about the helmets or the mentality of a Harley Rider?
They only fail to mention helmets when the riders are killed wearing them. It doesn't do their big brother cause any favors.
Can't see myself attending any rallys that expect more that 100k in any given location, anymore. Seems the locals in those spots tend to forget that hordes of bikers are in their towns bolstering their economy.
All three fatal wrecks involved bikers colliding with vehicles, with at least two of them caused by vehicles pulling into the bikes' paths, officials said.

Just curious, but I do wonder if the three that were killed were riders with many miles of experience, or riders fairly new to motorcycling.
As long as they don't turn into an angry mob they're helping the economy.
Maybe riding to Wyoming to see the Old West Museum in Laramie and then touring the snowy ridge would have been an even better idea.
Maybe I'm missing something here, but if a car turned left into a motorcycles path, and the motorcycle hit the driver's side door, wouldn't that indicate that the motorcyclist was maybe picking a real lousy time to pass? I know it's usually the car's fault when bikes get hit, but having made some bonehead passes myself over the years, I have to wonder if this isn't one where the bike was at fault.
I think it means the cars were turning left accross the road, at an intersection. Ie.. coming from the biker's right and turning onto the same road (but opposite direction) as the biker. (car is heading East, but turning to head North at the intersection, crossing the path of the southbound biker)
Shouldn't you be working?

I'm telling your boss.
Nah, standing around getting drunk wearing a H-D of Laramie shirt is way more fun.
No real stats here, but there is a 90% chance the helmets were "novelty" beanie helmets if they had them on.
Except for the fact that HD of Laramie also sells *gasp* Hondas!
They'll never check here. You don't think he put MO on his resume do you?
Yeah, nothing more frightening that a large group of Pi$$ed off podiatrists and stock brokers.
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