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Three Naked Euros

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It's about time you guys posted something worth reading. Seriously, I was considering not renewing my subscription. Now I think I will. That way I can enjoy the writings of like-minded individuals like Kpaul.
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Five months? How'd you get through the Red Tape so quickly?
i can't wait for the superbike 07 comparo! nice warmup!
I always thought Kate Jackson was very hot, especially her voice. The Charlie's Angels anology is probably very apt. I wouldn't hesitate to ride the other two every chance I got, but would probably choose to settle down with Kate, er, the BMW for a long term relationship.
Man, that maintenance is brutal. I'd be willing to bet the you could come in cheaper on the BMW if you did it yourself. There doesn't seem to be that much in the way of accomplishing it, except for the whole brake maintenance thing.

Good story. Personally, I'm wondering where the M109 fits in. Maybe next time.

--The Fox

Excellent work you too Buz.. Seriously from the your excellent ABS description . sounds like this system only pulsates the rear brake... Hmm my first crash on a bike was a front brake lockup on wet pavement. Locking up the rear doesn't seem to be as big of deal according to my MSF instructor just keep it locked and skid to stop... Please correct me if I am wrong about this assumption. By the way it's snowing like crap here took me 3 hours to get home cause folks are abandoning their cars on I-90 and 405.. Folks just spin their wheels with bad tires. Colorado folks would laugh at these left coasters and drive around them.. 'That's what I did.. Good thing I got the new all seasons on all four wheels.

Skidless in Seattle


P.S. Nice pictures but you might want to use the air brush on Buz's just kidding. Buz you are a good looking guy and my wife has a sister getting out of Purdy in a few weeks. She is a real firecracker..
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i have no idea about the physics involved in a stoppie, but would the BMW's suspension make it impossible to do a stoppie??? just curios :p
Just looked back over the other review of the non-euro naked's and am reminded that ya'll should have hit the non-long version of the Buell Lightning...... It has won every other comparo, and that is the leading reason that I purchased one......

Just had to beat the drum.... Sorry, folks!

Great article, and with hope after the Drummer, K&N, Race ECU, and Dobeck EJK, I'll be in the HP game with the others....

Be safe.

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Sweet test, hopefully you can do part two including the Speed Triple, Superduke, and a Monster or two.

Nicely done.
Great job guys. One question though, doew the BMW have a 4.6 or a 5.6 gallon tank? BTW saw the new R1200R the other day and now it is my most desired motorcycle.
For some reason the words, "This is my brother-in-law, Kpaul." don't flow off my tongue real easily.
Attn: MO Staff. Nice article, but to quote from the R1200 portion of article - - - - "like Harley Davidson's newly redesigned Sportster motors" - - - . Well, either that test was buried in the minutia amd I missed it, or more likely, you folks did not deem the 2006 / 1st EFI Sportsters worthy of testing and reporting on to your subscriber base. Was I the only one who noticed? Quite disappointed!
Wait until you test the Brutale 910R

The '06 R version is by far the most insane streetfighter available. A nice touch was the full race exhaust system packed along with each bike sold. Actually, M.V. dragged their heels and sent the exhausts about five months after delivering the bikes.

I ride mine almost daily. You MUST have a smooth throttle hand. I get a big, goofy, grin every time I ride it.

BTW, the trick with resetting and/or changing the Brutale's digital display is to hold down the starter button WHILE the motor is running for four seconds. It is a pain to use, but after a while the technique becomes second nature.
Insert "Why didn't you include ________ here."
Ha! I drive by Purdy all the time, and let me tell ya, the females there are far from "Purdy"!

Ditto on the morons driving in the snow.

As for the brakes, you are correct on the rear wheel lockup thing. If you release it wrong you could highside. That said, I've locked mine up plenty of times, and with the proper countersteer and body position, you can get it to hook up without too much drama. For instance, I commute in Seattle, and it's always wet. I've been on the freeway in the middle of a downshift when traffic in front of me stopped. I gave a little bit of rear brake and alot of front (good) and then let go of the clutch too fast (bad). So now the rear wheel is sliding and I'm doing about 50 mph with the proverbial soccer mom in an SUV bearing down behind me. Skidding all the way to a stop is not an option. Just my two cents.
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"Good thing I got the new all seasons on all four wheels."

Yeah, I can see getting away with that in the Pacific NW. But if you live somewhere where it snows regularly, nothing beats a steel-wheel-and-snow-tire package. Pop 'em on in October and off in April. Run summer tires on pimpy rims the rest of the year.

Yep I agree that's what we exactly did in Colorado.. Studded Snows all the way around or least on the drive wheels. We never used chains cause you would be taking them on and off all the time. People here in Seattle think chains are the cat's meow.. Most of the people from the east side of WA like Spokane do studs and not chains.. i.e they get it.. ...
The 80/20 rule

Remember the 80/20 rule of management. 80% of your time is spent on 20% of your hard to handle people in this case I am sure alot more than 80% who read it liked it.. the other 20% (probably al ot less) would find always find something to whine about... I like MOs reviews cause you guys sound like you had fun and they aren't so mechanical i.e dry...Fox's M109 line was funny... Maybe you guys can do all 600 Supersports vs the M109 or Sport Tourers versus the M109 I think everyone gets a woody about the 109 cause it's in those Suzuki SUV ads I think .and a chick is riding it. Opps I said too much and I surpassed my nightly quota of posts allocated by seruzawa . It's a snowy night in Seattle and I am bored and the Sonics suck..
Hey, I've got an '07 Tuono that looks just like the one on test. And the MOrons got it right; it's ridiculous V-twin lunacy in a surprisingly livable package.

Problem is, every ride starts out with "oh, this time won't be like the last time. This time I'll behave." And then twenty minutes later you're power wheelieing over little rises in the road.

In the words of the immortal fnfalman: "The Tuono is like James Bond. Cool and easy one minute, kick ass the next."

I don't think the suspension would, but the ABS sure would make it a challenge!

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