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Three Wheel Fun

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Kama Sutra on a Mini Sidecar

Well they make enough racket, are cool looking and are on closed circuit tracks...with the right partner could prove to be fun.
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Kama Sutra on a Pocket Sidecar

Well they make enough racket, are cool looking and are on closed circuit tracks...with the right partner could prove to be fun.
Just One Grievance

Was Sean too cheap to buy the Pocket Sidecar MOcam mount? When you're that low to the ground speed comes fast and furious and vids of the rider's view would have been cool. Can MO go back with the MOcam and film some just for me?
Cool article

Just when I think MO is becoming, you guys put together something good. i.e. pull one out of your ass I can see MO entering next years Isle of Man TT on a real sidecar. Those guys are amazing. Thanks for the fun MO
Re: Cool article

kpaul, I viewed your chicken hawk site, and wanted to tell you I'm voting for Bush.
Now that was freaking kool!!!!! More, MOre!!
Throw in one of the Polini girls and you got a winner! More fun than naked Twister.

I can imagine the DC side streets when these little buggers start showing up.
Kind of looks like Twister

Put left foot in green circle....

What's up with all these pocket bikes showing up all over the country? They are selling in front of a near by gas station for cheap money. Now I see them all the time running back and forth in front of my apartment. I wonder how well they are made? They are bigger than the original mini's and look to be great pipt bikes. But the $500 dollar price seems too low to be saying they have any quality. Not bad looking bikes with full fairings, lights and under tail exhaust.

Maybe it's time for a mini shootout?
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It looks like with the proper partner, one can combine sex, with the next best thing to sex (racing).

It boggles the mind, and adds a new meaning to throttle control.
12 horsepower from 40cc's? My bandit would have over 350 HP at that ratio!
The return to Reaganomics (a failed approach) Econ for dummies

Go ahead and vote for the "spend and borrow" guy. This credit card recovery will soon stall because of the record budget deficits cause rising interest rates and the crowding out of public borrowing over corporate borrowing, just as it did under Reagan. Borrow, Spend, Bust cycles of Reagonomics will fail again. Clinton policies of a balanced budget led to the largest and longest peactime expansion in US economic history. Learn from history pal. Go back to school Chickehawk.!
Re: Cool article

Bush needs to dump his cabinet especially Rumsfeld and pick a new VP. He should keep Powell. Basically Bush seems to be driven by his inner communication with God, which is fine, but it'd be nice if we heard it from God directly. Or Bush is an idiot - I'm not sure which. Anyway, if women vote, Bush is history. But most people aren't much conerned about Iraq - they don't travel outside the US and we are generally ignorant about other cultures so there may be hope for Bush. As long as the economy improves and Greenspan doesn't spoil the fun.
Please Remove this Post

I inadvertently tried to post again as my frick'n wireless web wonder connection, lost connection, so I ended up posting twice. Thanks.
Bite Me Kpaul

Kpaul, can I ask how just about everyone of your bloody posts seem to end up becoming a political platform? I mean for F#@k sake don't we all get enough [email protected]#king political crap in our daily lives, all the way from family to the frick'n government? And now I have to pay for a subscription to MO and read your [email protected]#king political opinions (and I don't give a sh#t who you vote for). Can't you find one of a million other websites where you can go do your political masturbation, circle-jerking, etc. and leave this one to motorcycling? I'll even pay MO for your subscription so they can reimburse you for an entire year and you can go jack-off elsewhere.
Nice job, boys. Very entertaining.

Now, how 'bout a Pt. II story: Race Day.

You get a few teams together from the ranks of MO staff and readers, throw in a few ringers if you wish, and go at the track for a good 'ole fashioned brawl.

The race video would be priceless.

(Um, I'll let you guys figure out how to cover the liablity insurance.)
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Re: Kama Sutra on a Pocket Sidecar

Unless I'm very much mistaken, some of the "racket" on the videos was coming from cars on the big track at Willow. But you could hear the hacks well when they got close to the camera.
Bite me too

I second F451's motion
Don't blame me blame pated

I am just adding some factual clarity to the situation. :)
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