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Three Wheeled Automatic Transmission Motorcycles

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Anybody have an opinion on three wheeled motorcycles (motortrykes) and automatic transmissions? I've never ridden a motorcycle, wife and I are looking into three wheeled with auto transmission.
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Boss Hoss, maybe? Kidding aside, there are no current Auto motorcycles that meet your standards. Piaggio/Vespa make a 250cc thing call the MP3 and Can-Am has the Spyder (seen here in review) but the auto won't be ready for a bit. Good luck on that search.
Anybody have an opinion on automatic transmission motorcycles?
The Trike Shop ::: Trike and trike conversion kits When I visited their shop they had automatic trikes available. IMHO their vehicles looked like something out of a 1960's Beach Blanket Bingo movie.

RIDLEY MOTORCYCLE COMPANY They have automatic motorcycles in several style. I rode two of them, a "Pro-Street and a "Chopper" style. They seem to work fine, although they're not for me. Ridley's total focus is on automatic bikes, so they are a good place to start.
Why don't you simply learn to use a standard transmission moto? It's not hard.

Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class and you should be golden on how to shift.
Honda made a few auto trans models in the 70's and 80's. didn't really catch on so they dropped them. I don't think there's a real market for them myself. Shifting is pretty much a subconcious act after awhile anyway. For the added weight and complexity and performance robbing characteristics of a true auto I just don't think you'll see them on any kind of scale.

Auto manuals and paddle shifters are available now on the FJR Yamaha and there may be more in the future but that's probably going to be it for awhile.
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