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Time for Florida Madness, Already?

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Gawd that sounds like fun....... FP by the way....
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To MO staff: I think an estimated time of posting for the Supersport Shootout would be nice. I was all psyched up on Monday, now it's just a dissapointment every time I log in hoping it'll be up.
OK, that was a bit whiney sounding, and I know you guys are working with an uncooperative mother nature, but we have weather forcasting technology now. Please give us something. Thanks.
me too i'm dissapointed cuz i thaught

that they were saying the truth..
yeah thats funny... or maybe because... nevermind shut up.
600 Shootout Delayed=shameless attempt to boost traffic

FIRSTLY - you know we all love you, that's why we're always here (and some of us even registered).

Now for the REAL reason for the delay - TO BRING UP AD RATES BY MORE TRAFFIC. You guys posted on Tuesday of last week that you would have the newest shootout online by Monday. Then you gave little tastes of things to come with you various previews. If I were an advertiser, I'd see your huge boost in traffic since people are drawn in in anticipation of your great reviews and writing, and be willing to pay more for the ads. Instead of getting the 2-3 day spike in traffic that a Shootout release brings, you guys will stretch that into 2 weeks or more of great premium ad space.

Great maneuver, I'm sure it works - but it's not that fair to your loyal readership. I've consistently done my part, and bought many things (some very expensive) from your advertisers - Competition Accessories,, etc. to support you guys the only way I can. I'm a little concerned that this might be a new tactic that's not being truthful to your biggest fans.

As many have noted, your site is free, so how much can we complain? I do love your writing and the fact that you try your best to give new news everyday. Keep up the great work, I know we'll all enjoy the World Supersport Shootout when we do get to see it!

Just know that some of us are watching... (so I guess this means that your tactics work! Make lots of money so you can keep the site up then!)

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So, Bike Week time again. I hope you will have the class and good taste to post plenty of photos of good-looking, scantily-clad women and wacky-looking custom bikes. The Daytona Speedway may be the center ring, but what really sets Daytona apart is the surrounding circus. Let the freak show begin!
Re: 600 Shootout Delayed=shameless attempt to boost traffic

I vaguely remember being boozed up when I did register... I must have thought it was a contest for an R1 or something!
We can't have both?

Maybe I should volunteer to track down the beautiful half-naked women so MO can take pictures of them...
Did you come up with that all by your self? Or did your Mummy help you with the big words?
my time is important too ..who said time is money.
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