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Time Savers or Trouble Makers?

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Oh boy, 1st post!

BTW, I love my Throttle Rocker!
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This is a great article! All of these items are worth their cost - but if you haul motorcycles ... ever, you just _have_ to get a Canyon Dancer. It'll be the best $30 you've ever spent.

Mine is in the cab of my truck, along with 4 tie-downs - always.

Happy Holidays to all as well!

Sun blocking and anti-fog are lifesavers. You owe it to yourself to be safer.

I made my own sunblocker from some static cling window tint I had lying around. I put it on the outside, so it could be removed easily, and made it just low enough (trial and error) to keep the sun out, but not cut through my line of sight. You could make 100s of them from one roll of the stuff too.
I don't have any of the items in the article. It makes me feel lonlier than JohnnyB at a Limbaugh rally.
What's the haps, Kaiser Wilhelm? U vote in iraqi election early and often? Stay the Course!
Nice idea!!You should update this every so often!I know you have your product testing ,but this seems different.Heck ,I need all those things, and cheap too!
I hope they got the Chicago Dems over there to show em how to steal an election the right way! Of course, if your candidate STILL loses, scream loudly that the other guys stole it. Works here.
Is there an iraqi Supreme Court there? Maybe W will win it with a strong surprise write-in vote...
Don't know about those, but....

Don't know about those items listed, but you wouldn't belive how handy a small single triple AAA battery powered key chain style pen light can be when attached to the end of your riding jacket zipper tab.

Not only is it never forgotten or lost, but it's very easy to find on one of those dark nights when you are looking for the keys you just dropped in that unlit parking lot.
Don't need no damned Supreme Court. Just get Mayor Daley over there to show em how to steal it right. While he is there, he can show them the correct method for paying off ward bosses, aldermen, and contractors.
And if they,re republicans,show them how to keep blackfolk [like me from voting],you know like saying we were not on the voting list,requiring two ID,S ,looking at what we were wearing ,no voting places in black neighborhoods,yep show them the right way...
Re: Don't know about those, but....

Got one,thought it was a joke..Now I never leave home without it.
Fog City Good while it lasted.

I liked the Fog City but the adhesiveness wore out and it stopped working. I think <a href="">Pinlock is better and Shoe had plans to sell them under license.
Yep this why Kerry lost in Ohio... Kerry Bumper Stickers are back in style in Seattle. It shows off your intelligence to people and they can't blame you for the mess. Don't see many W stickers..
I did just notice that all the BUSH stickers, or 90% of them anyway, have disappeared down here in the OC. Musta used cheap adhesive?
That's 'cause you Black feller's waste your votes on lib-er-al's like that durn Kerry commie and that cracker Clinton.

If you voted for W like good honest 'muircans, why we'd let you up to the front of the line......

Makes good photo op's you know.....
Having your kid come home in a box tends to put a damper on your enthusiasm I expect.
Re: Don't know about those, but....

I carry one of those Mini Mag-Lite's in my tank or saddle bags and my car too. They throw out an awful lot of light for their size and you can adjust the beam to cover a large area or down to a pin point. Around here it's dark by 4:30 this time of year. Just about anything you do it's going to be dark or getting there.
Wouldn't most black neighborhoods be in a Democratic ward or state? I think they are. there is no black neighborhood in Illinois that isn't Dem controlled. Maybe your own kind turned on you like the NAACP turned on McNabb.
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