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Hey Mofos,

I'm getting ready for the epic Geezer Glide trip. Monday morning I'm pointing the Ultra toward Colorado.

Day 1 is Carlsbad to Mesquite, NV.
Day 2 is Mesquite to Grand Junction, CO

I'll met up with a buddy who's riding down from MN. We'll head up to Breckenridge and stay there for a couple of days doing day tours around the Rockies.

He'll make his way back to MN starting Friday and I'll go wherever I please at that point. I'll likely head South and go through New Mexico since it's the only state I haven't soiled. That will give me all 50 states (not all riding though). Or as Obama says, "all 57 states."

I should be on the road a week or so. I'll try to post a few updates while I'm oat and aboat.
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