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On a trip through the LA basin over the weekend, on my way home from San Diego, I had 4 separate cars try to move into my lane on me without looking, signaling, or otherwise telegraphing the move.

This is SOP in LA traffic. I haul a boat through LA a couple of times a year, and I've had LA "drivers" try to merge _between_ my truck and my boat! If they can't recognize that a 20-foot-long, brightly-colored boat on a trailer is attached to the truck ahead of it, what are the odds of them even recognizing the existence of a motorcycle?

And for a real challenge, try to maintain a safe following distance on an LA freeway, while still traveling somewhere near the average traffic speed. Angelenos fill the gaps so fast it'll make your head spin.

Poor Timmy. A boy from Kansas hasn't got a chance. He ought to come and train in San Diego for a year or so before he tackles LA.
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