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To a Riding Class! Go!

OK, well someone needs to get Mr. Youthful Exuberance to a riding or safety class.

Yes, there is an element of comedy with the Midwest kid-beat-up-by-LA routine, but let's remember that he's not riding on a dirt track. The stakes are high in the street riding game and if young Timmy is Morris the Cat, he's quickly burning many of his valuable Nine Lives.

There are plenty of riding veterans on this site, but I'm sure there are also many newbies who could benefit from some updates on Timmy's learning process. Then, the grizzled and more experienced among us could drive the message home through dicussion boards.

Lastly, to make sure that Timmy really gets it, I suggest that you change the MO domain from his "crazybike" email address to!
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