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Already I'm looking out for cars and trucks cutting me off, shortstopping, cell-talk weaving, coffee-dumping and gun-loading. Now I have to add a new peril to my commute: An SV with a Kansas plate wobbling and snorting up the imaginary lane of the freeway. The burden of my vigilance grows heavier yet.

Timmy, sorry for the bad luck, bud. And bad luck is all it is. Everybody has to learn the rhythm when they get out here, and until they do, they're living on grace. If you learn to ride it like you write it, you'll catch up.

In the meantime, get in touch with the Discovery Channel. Relate your experiences so far to pitch DC a show where a couple of cameras follow you around, interning, left-turning, gaining competence on the slabs and in the canyons, taking crap on Internet boards. Is sounds at LEAST as good as AMERICAN CHOPPER!

Buena suerte, amigo!
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