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I can't believe this. It's hard to tell if BETAMAX is trying to be funny (without much luck) or is actually the condescending fool his/her post suggests. I wonder if this person has actually ever ridden a motorcycle or is just some poseur. Or perhaps they are jealous that Tim's the issue du jour on this website and they are not?

As perhaps the only poster on this site who has actually ridden with Tim I can assure all in MO world that he is as responsible as any 19 year old person is. I think that his riding skills are above average and his judgement is appropriate for his age. He is welcome to ride with me anytime street, dirt or racetrack. Tim's had some bad luck stirred into a new learning environment and that's rough. I suspect, being the contempletive person that he is, that he's mortified by the turn of events and doesn't need much help feeling worse. Teeing off like this on a young guy reminds me of adults who yell "you suck" at athletes in youth leagues. Shame on them.

Because everything is OK the lessons learned actually came pretty cheap. How many young riders pay for inexperience in accidents that are either fatal or maim?

You go on Tim. Learn what you can from your experiences and be careful, but don't get discouraged.

41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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