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Call the cops? Maybe when he was in Pocatello...

I used to live in LA. For 6 misspent years. And I wonder how long it takes for the cops to show up at a fenderbender with no injuries. My bet is on longer than even the aggrieved party is willing to wait.

KPaul, you live in Seattle, where I live now. I once waited an hour for the police to come to an accident at the corner of Brooklyn and 50th in the U District. Busy, intersection, right? Both parties (the other party was at fault) finally gave up, exchanged data, and left.

Now oddly enough, I also lived in Pocatello, Idaho (did you enjoy Pocatello, Tim? you probably met the only sportbike rider in town!). Now there's a burg where the cops don't have much to do. Tim's accident would have had multiple squad cars.

I guess my point is that in big cities where the police have better things to do (or at least act like they do) than sort out routine accidents, the disposable camera seems like the silver bullet. What a great idea....and my R1 has a little storage locker in the tail section just that size.

I guess my other point is hey, MOfos, stop dissin' Timmy for not calling the cops. He was there, he made the call, and best of all he's still able to exercise the MO test fleet. With the SV in the shop, he's gonna have to take the Tuono tonight...or maybe the GSXR 1000....
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