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Re: Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore

Everyone runs red lights. Somtimes it's 4 or 5 cars after the red light in L.A.

The issue, of course, is the lack of protected lefts. Since there's never a turn arrow, and the turning cars never truly have the right of way, there isn't any time to make a turn, except after the oncoming traffic stops moving, at the newly red light. Or, I suppose, if there's no oncoming traffic. (*giggle* *snort*) Not that this makes running red lights correct, but it does tend to make it a fact of life, and thus something to learn to deal with if'n you want to survive.

The other good suggestion I can give is to buy a dual-sport / dirtbike. I don't live in LA, so I have only a few trips' worth of experience, but my friend Bryan swears the only reason he survived LA traffic on 2-wheels is because he could join the pedestrians on the sidewalk when someone just had to share his lane.

Good luck Starfighter!

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