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I do not know about California but I've seen insurance companies in Texas do odd things. I have investigated accidents and you would think that in a situation like this, determining fault would be easy. I used to think it is the lady's fault for running a red light, but no.

I have seen some insurance companies divide the fault to say she is 51% at fault for the red light and he is 49% at fault for not making sure the intersection was clear before entering. It depends on the insurance co. and their attorneys as to who pays what and how anal they are going to be.

You should also document the accident if you feel it wasn't your fault. She might be nice when she hits you but once she speaks to her insurance co. she may change her story. I'ld file a police report and make sure the officer understands what happened and draw a diagram for him to show him exactly what happened. If the police won't respond try & get witness information or call the person's insurance co. to hear the other person's story of what happened. It's not surprising if the lady says she did not run the red light and only said she did because she was scaired of you and your outburst. Next you'ld have to find witnesses or try and get reparations through litigation, which is hard.

I am not an expert on this subject but want other riders to protect themselves. I was shocked to see some of the tricks people pull in an accident. Take care of yourself so you don't get screwed after an accident, maybe then we can cut down on the velvet covered fairings some atrocitours have on their

rides. (that last part is a joke)

A final thought. If she had hit and killed you, if a violation could be proven, she would have probably received a citation. Wasn't there a group lobbying to get stricter penalties for cases such as this?
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