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Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore


You practically killled yourself and you have had scarcely a chance to scope out SoCal girls at the beach.

Lane splitting is wonderful, especially on the freeway when it's jammed, however, here is a good rule to live by (emphasis on "live") here in SoCal:

Everyone runs red lights. Somtimes it's 4 or 5 cars after the red light in L.A. You 've got to learn to use the cages as a shield in certain situations. Cars can be your friend if you know how to use them to your advantage. It's kind of like a running back following his pulling guard.

Never be first into an intersection here. Let a car go first and clear the path for you. Also in an area where someone may make a left turn in front of you, snug up behind the nearest cage and let them run interference.

Remember, in the land of narcissists there is a huge "me first" attitude among drivers caught in never-ending traffic jams. Don't forget, they're all trying to kill you.

Someday, I'll invite you down for a ride in paradise (San Diego) where even the motor officers wave to you as you pass by (and sometimes at accelerated rates of speed!).

Oh, my Ducati is due for its 18,000 miles service. You think you could wire a few bucks down to me now that you're a highly paid executive?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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