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Tire Selection?

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try Avon's AM22 and AM23 tires, which are very prevalent in vintage racing. truth be told, however, you're better off coming into the modern age and getting a better bike, like an SV-650.
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any tire that will now fit on your stock wheels will be more than adequate for that motorcycle.

Get some psudo dirt track tires...they look great on an Ascot. Also lace up some Akronts while you're at it...
I used Bridgestone Batlax BT45 H rated

tire's on my Ascot . They can be had in the

stock size,are inexpensive compared to full

on sport bike tire's,dual compound so they

are sticky where it counts.They work well

enough with dated suspension components

so much so that I have them installed on my

NIGHTHAWK & HAWK GT. Realy good in the

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I put some Kenda Challengers on my VT500, and they were more than adequate. (and cheap!)
As mentioned in a previous thread, Pirelli Sport Demons are available in those sizes, and are a tire with capabilities higher than your bike.
Hey, that was you in the previous thread! Believe us, most of these tires are better than your bike, and changing to 17x3.5 and 17x6 inch rims to fit the latest and greatest would cost more than the bike is worth and overpower the suspension and chassis.
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