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I have about 2k miles on Michelin Pilot Road tires and love them. I will probably get at least 5k miles on them. They stick as good as the Sportec M1's, which lasted less than 2k miles on my TL1000S. A friend put them on his ZX12 after two sets of Pilot Sports and loves them. I ride in the North Georgia Mountain roads every weekend and have leaned over far enough to wear the Michelin man off the edges of the tires. For mileage comparison, I have 48k miles on the TL and have tried all the different brands, and have only gotten over 6k miles out of the Michelin 90 and 100x tires, all the others last less than 2.5k miles on the TL. Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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