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Titan Files Chapter 11

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I thought that these small companies were able to sell bikes based on the high demand and low supply of Harleys. It seemed just a matter of time before supply of Harleys cought up to demand. Most folks in US buy cars and use them everyday. Basically they wearout and they need replacing.

I see a lot of motorcycles with very low milage on them. I guess Europeans buy a some of our used bikes but still there has to be a bunch of bikes built in the last 10 years with very low milage.

Other then touring bikes I'm hard pressed to see many bikes over 20k miles on them. Yet every once in awhile you see them with over a 100k. It seems like there are a lot of bikes laying around with lots of life left in them. I also wounder what will happen if bikes are no longer the fad.

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Confederate Transmissions..

..are closer to the engine (shorter primary, 2" 8mm belt); flipped up ninety degrees so the shafts (engine, countershaft, and swingarm pivot) are in a straight (180*) and tight line; and rotated 180* to the axis of the bike, which puts the output shaft on the rightside (balancing the torque, as transfered from the motor to the trans on the left side - thus, no torque twist under power or deceleration); and finally, an outboard bearing/housing (w/hydraulic clutch slave cylinder) eliminates any shaft flex or wobble. Internal gears are by Andrews (close ratio, back-cut); the trans housing is cnc'ed by Confederate in Abita Springs, LA. Drag race teams have tried unsuccessfully to acquire this trans; but Mat Chambers (CEO) won't sell it... unless it's in a bike.
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