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Titan Files Chapter 11

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I thought that these small companies were able to sell bikes based on the high demand and low supply of Harleys. It seemed just a matter of time before supply of Harleys cought up to demand. Most folks in US buy cars and use them everyday. Basically they wearout and they need replacing.

I see a lot of motorcycles with very low milage on them. I guess Europeans buy a some of our used bikes but still there has to be a bunch of bikes built in the last 10 years with very low milage.

Other then touring bikes I'm hard pressed to see many bikes over 20k miles on them. Yet every once in awhile you see them with over a 100k. It seems like there are a lot of bikes laying around with lots of life left in them. I also wounder what will happen if bikes are no longer the fad.

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Personally, I wouldn't buy a clone because why should I pay more for a clone, than if I built it myself? When the time comes for me to have a Harley, I'll buy an S&S Twin-cam-b (balanced), a softtail-type frame, *********** upside-down forks and shock, PM wheels and brakes, Mikuni carb, Accell ignition, and all the other tidbits. Then I'll have a better bike than a stock Harley for the same price, and the fun of putting it together myself, with no wait, and no dealer markup. Sad to see any man's vision fade though....

You're correct. Not it the normal "bike loan" sense anyway, but if you have a good credit rating there are other creative ways of financing it. Home improvement loans, etc. My major problem with Harley lies with the company itself, and it's policies, not the product. I think they're gouging people like the DeBeers (controlling the supply of diamonds to artificially inflate prices) company does. A comparison on price vs. content between, say, An Aprillia RSV Mille SP, vs. Fatboy. Both have v-twin motors, but the Aprillia has a much more advanced, powerful motor, much better chassis, brakes, and suspension, plus lots of carbon fiber parts. Yet, the Harley is more money, especially IF the dealer doesn't hose you totally with mark-up. Why? As mechanically simple as Harley's are, why aren't they affordable? Are their production plants/processes that ineffecient? Or are they just cashing in? And we won't even go there about the "patented" potato-potato v-twin sound. Any thoughts on these items?
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Re: El presidente

I saw an article where, I think it was Confederate, built a much better transmission for the big twin. Smaller, stronger, and shifted better. Anybody have info on this?
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