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Titan Restructuring After Bankruptcy

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Nobody cares! First Post!

Heywould JaBlowme
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The American motorcycle industry does need more companies manufacturing well designed and built bikes. We do not need another company that assembles Harley copies and charges and arm and two legs for them.

If you want a Harley, buy a Harley. If you want a modern competent well designed and built bike don't look in America.
I think Rolls-Royce cars suck, because they handle like , go like , and in my eyes are genuinely ugly. The fact that they cost $300,000 has nothing at all to do with it. A car like a ferrari Maranello, on the other hand, is just as expensive, and i truly envy their owners, as the ferrari is a very desirable car in my opinion. I am not at all envious of a Rolls owner, because I believe their product is a genuine POS with lucas electronics.

I realize that your post is sarcastic, but it illustrates very well how some individuals can be so ignorant as to think that persons would disparage a product because it is expensive, as opposed to disparaging it for reasons of functionality, performance, and style..
Hey MO, whats with this editing crap????

You have effectively erased half of my vocabulary
What do you mean "it wouldn't be good for the nearly monopolized US bike industry if they failed"? Titan isn't holding down Harley prices one iota! Neither is Polaris or any other Harley clone. Proof of this is the mass quantities of Japanese Harley clones with their relatively dirt cheap pricing. Even the inexpensiveness of the Far East cruisers can't lower Harley prices. In fact, it's the other way around. Harley clones are sponging from the incredible success of Harley. Though, maybe Titan's troubles are an indication of the future of cruisers. First EH bit it (and they still are despite the company's reports to the contrary) and now Titan. Harley are you listening? Cruiser sales can dry up like spit on a Texas highway in the summer. Is your portfolio diversified Harley?
Learn how to spell, trailer trash!

Do you park your bike around back or bring it inside?
You'd better hope cruiser sales don't dry up since they represent about 85% of all motorcycle sales in the USA not to mention all that lobbying power (AMA and the like).

Without all those huge, underpowered, lumbering pieces of sh*t swelling the ranks of bikers in the USA, you crotch rocket boys on your "real" motorcycles would be poorly represented indeed.

Or would have it that you guys on your death sleds were all alone on the roads and leave you all to the real bike business of which manufacturer will be the first to stick a 250bhp engine in a stock road bike, yessir 'cos we all know that's what real motorcyclin' is all about.
The key clause in the article is, "their bikes don't appeal to enough people." There are only so many motorcyclists, and among them, only so many chopper afficionados, and among them, an even smaller number who can afford a Titan. Subtract from this sub-set the number who prefer to roll their own custom iron -- a significant portion, as these kinds of customers are very mechanically inclined. And if the other six guys don't like the product, then the company goes belly up. Ain't capitalism a ?
The last word was supposed to be "b*tch," but it was edited.
It's ok, Rod, I don't think your Grammar teacher is reading this, or anyone else who matters.
How do you know cruiser sales won't dry up? They've done it before and history repeats itself routinely. If Harley wants to continue their success and stockholder satisfaction, product diversification is a must. While I hope cruiser sales don't dry up, I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Remember the 80's Harley?
All motorcyles would be legislated out of existence within ten tears. Would that make YOU happy?
Re: Competent and well-designed for what?

As a matter of fact, I own two Harleys, a shovel head and an evo. I also ride a CBR 1000F, and an XR650L. While I do enjoy riding the Harleys, and one was a gift from my wife, I enjoy dirt, and long distance sport riding as well.

I am not intending to knock Harleys, in fact I enjoy mine when it runs...

However, I am constantly dismayed at learning of new companies that are essentially building Harley copies. How many Harley copies do we need?
Re: Top 5 reasons you are all retards

5. you turned a Titan story in a Harley story

4. you turned a Titan story in a Japanese bike vs. Harley, again

3. you turned a Titan story into my bikes more useful than your bike discussion

2. you turned a Titan story into an AMA story

1. you all miss the point! This story is about the bankruptcy and Titan's prospects for surviving bankruptcy

Here goes my attempt at posting on the subject matter.

In my opinion, Titan will fail. The clone assemblers have done a more than adequate job showing that they can't assemble and sell enough clone bikes to generate any economies of scale. I.E. - their margins suck and they are dependent on their suppliers which rape them severely.

Their business model is paradoxal. What the heck is a semi-mass prodcuced custom?

Also, let's set the record straight.

A CLONE is a motorcycle assembled mostly from non-proprietary parts (ie the companies like Titan & Ultra buy their parts from manufacturers that sell the same parts to anyone else). CLONES mainly use S&S motors and look a lot like Harleys.

Excelsior, Polaris and the Japanese cruisers are not CLONES, why? They are proprietary. Go assemble a clone bike and try to buy an Excelsior, Polaris or Honda Shadow motor to install in it! Got it?
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You are obviously smarter and a better human being than us.

Thanks for enlightening us. Where would the poor stupid souls of the planet be without people like you to tell us that in so many words. Your humbleness rivals that of Jesus. You are a blessed person. You must ride a holy Harley.
I got an older gsx1100g, other than tires and replacing the front fork springs, Iv'e done NOTHING to this bike and everytime I hit the gas the acceleration is wild.
Re: motorpsyche

Thanks for the sarcasm more proof you are a stupid soul.

HD = Honda


HD = Harley-Davidson

maybe I change it to HD-T to recognize my new Triumph Bonne?

I don't care which brand you ride that should have been evident in my Top 5. People like you read any article and make it an us vs. them thread.

Point again - What do you feel is the prospect for Titan surviving bankruptcy? If you don't have an intelligent post to contribute on that subject matter go on to something that you do.

Take care.
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Re: Gee thanks...Bonne

Hey, you sarcastically replied to my post first not vice versa.

As for calling people retards you can either consider yourself one or not.

Go back and read the posts on this Titan bankruptcy topic. I was critical of the people that posted way off topic. You either did or did not.

Trumper forums. Probably won't go. Between a HD, a HD, a Kawi (which I forgot to mention) and a new Bonny I don't have time. If I did I would keep my posts relevent to the topic.
Re: No smart guy a CLONE is...

By your lose interpretation of a CLONE, every motorcycle is a clone or another motorcycle. And every car is a clone of another car.

Clone bikes insert names here: Aprilia, Buell, BMW, Honda, Harley, Yam.....

Thanks for the off-topic biology lesson on a motorcycle specific site. Exactly the reason why I have not been on this site in weeks.
Re: Top 5 reasons you are all retards

First of all hdpetey, referring to everyone that posted before you as retards begged for a rebuttal. That was your call. The posts were going just fine in that people were giving their opinions. That's all they were, opinions. Then some smarta** comes along and says anyone with an opinion other than theirs is a retard. That was just as off topic a comment as anything. Titan declaring bankruptcy may have very real implications for Harley. This fact was illuminated in the authors' description of the story in the first place. If you want to blame people for getting off topic, blame MO for how they set up a press release.
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