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To Ducati or Not To Ducati?

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If it is going to be a "second" bike, how long will it take you to run 6000 miles? If you have to throw $500 to the dealer every 18 months, big deal. If someone is doing 25k miles a year I would think the cost of service is an issue.

Someone will chime in if the S2R 1000 is going to be on the longer service intervals as the new 1100s.
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If you're mechanically inclined a two valve Duc shouldn't be a problem.

Just buy the damn thing!
If you like Monsters at all, the S2R 1000 is just about the perfect edition. Low weight, great power and a steal of a price in comparison to the high zoot versions.
I'm confused as to why you are concerned with the maintenance costs...
I ran into a guy on a Kawasaki Concours who had owned a Ducati and he was *****ing about maintenance costs. I didn't get any real numbers so I was curious what some would consider high for maintenance costs?
You were eye-balling the $20k tourer and the $9999 "play" bike weren't you?
I've had two ducs and a bimota with a 904cc 2v duc motor. No problems. Dealer did the valves, I never thought about trying it myself. Do it, the RT will sit around the garage a bit more on the weekends.
Look at the Buell.

Ride it. Then make up your mind. Super easy to get a demo ride vs. most of the rest of the market, and it may strike a chord in you. Purely in the name of exploring options, do not NOT look at the Lightning.


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Check out Those folks should be able to answer any and all questions. Oh, and browse through their Monster of the Month galleries and try NOT to buy one of your own to mod.
I'm going with Fenton on this one. If you spent 15-20 grand on a Beemer and are ready to spend another 10 grand on a second bike, $500 dollars every 1 to 2 years doesn't seem like much to worry about.

Don't get me wrong, I'd give my left nut to be able to afford both bikes right now, and I hope you buy the Duc, so I ain't giving you sh!t.

Just saying that so I don't get another thin skinned MO reader sending me personal emails telling me "I'm a tool and a jackass".
Some of those Monster of the Month Galleries are really fun looking...and a few of them are freaking weird looking!
I own a Multistrada 1000 with 8000 miles on it and did my own valve check at 6000 and all valves were in spec. Just have the dealer throw in a service manual with the deal.I once owned a Suzuki 16 valve sport bike which I thought was much more difficult to do valve checks on than the Ducati.

I think the dealers try to make the service work sound difficult to justify their outrageous prices for service work.
The Buell? Are you kidding?

The Duc has a classic, proven air-cooled 95 horsepower 1000cc V-Twin pushing a svelte 395 pounds.

The Buell has an antiquated, obsolete air-cooled 103 horsepower 1200cc V-Twin pushing a porky 395 pounds.

I mean, anybody here could tell you that's no contest.

Seriously, the dude's got his heart set on the Duc, and that's a cool bike.

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I thought the orange striped one was the cat's a$$.
I have a Ducati and a BMW so I know how you feel. Ironically I have Naked BMW K1200R and the Ducati 999. I haven't ridden the S2R 1000, but I did have A Ducati Monster which Ducati replaced with the S2R models.

A few thoughts.........I didn't like the 800 because comfort and wind were an issue especially over 80MPH, otherwise it was a blast.....I love the 999 it cuts through the wind unlike the 800. Service costs have not been an issue but if you have a problem or accident, parts are hard to get. Had a spill on some gravel and it took four months for parts.

I was convinced when I got it back I was going to sell it, but once I had it back, there is nothing like a Duc.

I bought the BMW to replace it, but man I love them both, I think you would love having both to, search google for reviews on the S2R.....

Right on! What's all this worry about maintenance costs? Get a manual, some tools and a farking feeler gauge!

Speaking of maintenance costs, I've heard BMW riders complain that a complete dealer maintenance is costing them $2000! Makes Duck look like a bargain, eh? How clueless can you be to actually pay that extortion? If you're too dumb to do basic maintenance then you deserve to be ripped off.
My 2001 ST2 (which replaced a K100RT) is just shy of 30,000 kms. I bought LT Snyder's Desmodue Maintenance & Modification Guide (Google DesmoTimes) just for the valve adjustment & cam belt replacement chapter so I can do it myself. Great book, and Snyder's advice is pretty much spot on for maintenance issues (clutch etc.). My VStrom is ok, but it'll never tug at my heart like the Ducati.
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