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I have a Ducati and a BMW so I know how you feel. Ironically I have Naked BMW K1200R and the Ducati 999. I haven't ridden the S2R 1000, but I did have A Ducati Monster which Ducati replaced with the S2R models.

A few thoughts.........I didn't like the 800 because comfort and wind were an issue especially over 80MPH, otherwise it was a blast.....I love the 999 it cuts through the wind unlike the 800. Service costs have not been an issue but if you have a problem or accident, parts are hard to get. Had a spill on some gravel and it took four months for parts.

I was convinced when I got it back I was going to sell it, but once I had it back, there is nothing like a Duc.

I bought the BMW to replace it, but man I love them both, I think you would love having both to, search google for reviews on the S2R.....

1 - 1 of 167 Posts
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