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To Ducati or Not To Ducati?

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If it is going to be a "second" bike, how long will it take you to run 6000 miles? If you have to throw $500 to the dealer every 18 months, big deal. If someone is doing 25k miles a year I would think the cost of service is an issue.

Someone will chime in if the S2R 1000 is going to be on the longer service intervals as the new 1100s.
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Re: Kudos to this group!

Exactly. In the article you can be technical, completely shallow, or both. Your choice. Just make it descriptive and include phots of all events. Video would be better.
Yeah, um...could you elaborate a bit more with that one?

I'm not saying a duc is the end all be all of bikes, but what makes you say it's not really good at anything? And what would be the better choice?...Personal taste aside, that is, because when it comes down to it, that's the main driving force to buying a motorcycle.

…or did you think this thread was far too civil and felt it need to be fired up a bit?

I guess it is the temporary passing of the hockey helmet.

How much faster have you gotten since your last track day, KP?
That's it, stroke it...Work the balls.

Just don't shoot any ego on the curtains, it's rude.
Re: Kudos to this group!

What's the yawn about, Buster? We were talking about article ideas for new purchases.
The hostility originated from you, cupcake.

You posted you remarks in an obvious attempt to troll. And now you’re surprised that people are calling you on it? Please!

Not at all. if he would have posted "I have had some truly awful experiences racing Ducatis, if you like the bike and have the funds to keep on top of the maintenance for racing than give it a try. But I wouldn't recommend it for an amateur club racer"

I would have been interested to hear his experiences. But that is not what he did. He tried to make his opinion fact and phrased it in a pompous, "I know more than anyone else" attitude.

21 - 29 of 167 Posts
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