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To Ducati or Not To Ducati?

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If it is going to be a "second" bike, how long will it take you to run 6000 miles? If you have to throw $500 to the dealer every 18 months, big deal. If someone is doing 25k miles a year I would think the cost of service is an issue.

Someone will chime in if the S2R 1000 is going to be on the longer service intervals as the new 1100s.
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Horses for courses, the bikes have different focus's (focii?) I think it'd be a good combo, the Duc for fun and the Beemer for a workhorse.

It'd work for me, I'd put more miles on the BMW just because it would be more usefull for everyday riding than the Ducati.
Pretty well covers it, I think.......
Well I have to say, K-P's the only one of you f*ck-nuts that emailed and asked if I was ok after I couldn't post for a few weeks. I can't say too much bad about him.
This happy Buell owner is clapping. The Ducs sound great, (!) but who wouldn't be happy with a Lightning?!?
No, an idiot is someone who doesn't recognize obvious irony.

I think from now on, I'm going to write The following statement is ironic before every ironic post.

See, the point is, people blast Buells for things that are considered virtues in Ducs. In other words, I think Buells are really, really cool bikes. And I'm not being ironic about that.
To be utterly clear about this, "Some folks need to read that sentence over and over" because it makes so much sense.

Shees! People sure make a big thing about Ducati "Valved Jobs". Having owned many Ducati's in my life including my current steed a 999s the fear of a "Valve Job" should totally be put the rest. At 600 you have a "major" and then again at 6000 and 12000. At 6000 it was a quick check of the shim (since the case was open I had them do the belts). With today's tight building tolerances I wouldn't worry about it. Yes it is more to get a Ducati serviced but it's well worth it. I've never had a massive bill from a valve job and I take mine to red line just about every shift. I'm looking to add a Sport Classic and a ST3s to my stable this year once the divorce is final.
"I'm looking to add a Sport Classic and a ST3s to my stable this year once the divorce is final."

Now there's an optimist.

"Bikes are objects of the bike that hits your senses the hardest."

Well said.
Just a little off-topic and a bit borowed from other posts here:

Go with the SV.

(Once you paint it red, only you will know the difference and maintenance will not be an issue.)
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Come on, Moderator... only 1 point for that one. That was funny!
Speaking of which, aren't you and KP in Washington? How'd you make out with the freakish weather over there?

I heard some winds topped out at 110mph.

From what I understand there are still thousands without power. How's everything going over there?

I really think he should check the price/performance ratio before making any purchase. I think he'll find that the inline four Japanese 600 Supersport is the best bargain in motorcycling, as well as the safest. I think we should all ride 600 Supersports. I'm just trying to find out how I could put one more hinge in my leg so I could actually get my feet on the pegs. Maybe I need to go to the gym. It's all so confusing. Just my WWF personality coming out.
But... you are a tool and a jackass so what's the problem?
He's never bothered me either. Gabe however.....

I once got an email for a free Ducati999 if I sent a cashier's check for $2000 to some address in Nigeria.
Cut us some slack, dude. We thought you were incommunicado down in Mexico getting that sex change.
You know. The imaginary one he's been promoting for 4 months.

I believe the terms are: him on his rented Kawasaki and you on a Honda Cub, fastest around the track wins thus proving his superior riding skills.

To bad you only ride know, from what I've read here that's the only thing you have ever ridden. Yes, yes, you mention all of these other bikes you've *supposedly* owned, worked on and ridden. But I've read posts, containing no factual information, which claims otherwise.

...and that's good enough for me, bubba.

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