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To Ducati or Not To Ducati?

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If it is going to be a "second" bike, how long will it take you to run 6000 miles? If you have to throw $500 to the dealer every 18 months, big deal. If someone is doing 25k miles a year I would think the cost of service is an issue.

Someone will chime in if the S2R 1000 is going to be on the longer service intervals as the new 1100s.
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Good suggestion.

I too am trying to figure out my next purchase. I am in need of a riding lawnmower to handle the acre property I own. I have it narrowed down to the SV, VFR, and a 2001 ZX-6R.

What? no Concours?
Absolutely. How did you know? My current stable contains:

1977 Harley IT175

1984 Harley Magna

1980 Harley DR400

1991 Harley GSX1100G

2000 Harley ZRX1100

See? All HDs.

Although I am seriously considering adding a 1983 74" stroker ironhead Sportster. I think Yamaha makes those.

See? I've learned a lot on MO.
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You're wrong...

The SV makes a better sewing machine than a lawnmower.

"phut phut phut"
No Shyt.

Once the divorce is final you'll be lucky to add Cheerios to the stable.
Unless he's got audio and video showing her hobbies in glorious detail...
They still get HALF no matter how bad their behavior.

It's called No Fault divorce.

All I can say is I'm glad I got divorced when I was broke!
Yes it was pretty ugly, 4 dead and over a million without power friday. Pretty well settled down now though. Still lots of damage and quite a few still w/o power. We got by ok because we're prepared for this but lots of people were pretty bad off.

Don't know about KP. He only lives a few miles from me but I've never met him.
Pro'ly got Harley undies for his ol' ladies Christmas Pressie...
But if he can prove she was banging the gong slowly with a neighbor or work pal than that does change things.

I don't believe that would fall under No Fault.

Could be wrong though, it it may vary state by state. But I'm divorce and she had a hobbie on the side and found that she didn't have much to stand on so the divorce was pretty quite and cost me nothing.
Other's have said it, checking and adjusting the valves on the 2 valve models is as easy as anything but the BMW R bikes (those cylinders are so damn handy sticking out like that, probably Guzzi's too?), and the 4 valvers are just a lot more time, but not that hard. Since you're looking at a 2 valver, no worries, go for it. They are more reliable than you think. I've had 25K trouble free miles on my 4s.
I don't think I'll get it. I've got a lot of stick on my property. I've heard it doesn't handle those well.
If litrebike feels weak may I suggest downshifting. Suddenly it does not feel that weak any more.

- cruiz-euro
I'm sure it depends on the state.

CA is no fault though.
Close. She likes Harleys more than I do. Keeps bugging me to get one again. I say, "I can get three other nice used real motorcycles for the price of a used HD", and then I change the subject.
So you could have solid proof she's banging three midgets, a sumo wrestler, and the Clipper's bench and you would still have to pony up half?!

Yeah, riding through town at 8000 rpm is a great idea on so many levels, cruiz. Real enjoyable for everyone involved.

(BTW, that's "irony", B12commuter.)

Does anybody understand the concept of "torque"?
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