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To Ducati or Not To Ducati?

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If it is going to be a "second" bike, how long will it take you to run 6000 miles? If you have to throw $500 to the dealer every 18 months, big deal. If someone is doing 25k miles a year I would think the cost of service is an issue.

Someone will chime in if the S2R 1000 is going to be on the longer service intervals as the new 1100s.
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How long did the contrite Kook last when this happened before? One week? Two?
I understand the concept of torque, and I understand that my liter bike has more than enough @ 4000 rpm to handle just about any car/minivan/SUV I might need to deal with "through town". I might not wheelie away, but I'll speed away at a fine clip. And during track days I'll have the option of running high RPM. At least I'm making the choice, rather than the mechanical limitations of my M/C making the choice.
The new service interval *IS* 12000 miles, so why even say the 6000 mile thing?

Also the 2 valve adjustment isn't brain surgery and is pretty straight forward.
Fellas, fellas. Come now. I dear Kook is hosting a Leadership seminar. If you remember he is a born leader and people naturally follow him. As soon as the Kook Holiday Summit concludes MO's Prophet will be back to lend his delicate words of wisdom to us lesser folk.
Plus, there is no guarantee that you will HAVE to do a valve job. You need to check the clearances, but if they are within limits, you just put things back together.

Well, yeah, but I don't need emails reminding me of this!
Kudos to this group!

I vote this most entertaining non-political tread this year. Excellent, Smithers'!

wilro, one of the MCN writers, LT Snyder runs a Duc maint operation as a side line and has published a Duc how to book. Might wanna look into that one.

I'd sure not sweat the maint costs. Buy the bike(s) that makes your flag fly!

Logic is for accountants.
HA! Sarcasm isn't as much fun when no one gets it. Kind of 'the sound of one hand clapping' for neophytes.

He was innocent man. Haven't you heard? He is now scouring the nations' golf courses to find the real killer.
Pfffffffft! 15 yards for piling on! 1st and 10 for the home team.
Don't forget to go down 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket as well.

Most Ducs usually have Bonneville gearing to get past noise regulations.
Oh, what a home town call! Stupid [email protected] officiating. Can't get a clean hit anymore with out a flag.

Shouldn't Kontrite Kook be spelled with a K?
Re: Contrite

Kontrite Kpaul Kook = KKK.
Kook's Holday Kamp?

Maybe we could rewrite "Tommy" with new lyrics.
Re: Kudos to this group!

Hmmm...imagine that. I wonder what the difference was?

I kind of wished everyone that posted a "what should I buy" or similar news article (like this one) would also post a first ride report on their final purchase with photos. Everyone could include a final out the door price (or, if used, what you were able to haggle down to), where it was bought, first real weekend ride, and other tidbits that only a non-motojournalist could chime in on.
And writing books about the techniques he'd use "if he did it."
Re: Kudos to this group!

Maybe even a "first chick I hooked up with" expose' subsequent to the bike purchase.
Re: Kudos to this group!

Exactly. In the article you can be technical, completely shallow, or both. Your choice. Just make it descriptive and include phots of all events. Video would be better.
Is that where you push down on morning wood and your feet go out from under you?
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