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Tokyo Motor Show

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So where are the photos?

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Yeah, where are they?

See above response for comment
And what "wild VULCAN 1500" they are referring to??
How bout a link....?

How bout a link....?
Wings are the Things indeed

Those Honda folks would make some righteous aircraft or even just engines. Hey all you Honda executives reading this! Piston airplane engines are more archaic than Harley engines! We need your good work, and pay top dollar.
I guess we will have to wait for our good ole' moto-rags to see some pictures. MO is becoming less useful every day!
Re: How bout a link....?

Try they had info on this weeks ago

heres goes a complete link on the hondas

b king

the other items can also be found there, just gotta look
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Re: Wings are the Things indeed

And then they'd have the FAA to contend with to get them type certified. It's a no-win environment.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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