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Tom Kipp signs with Team Hammer

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Weeeelllll.....LA DE FRICKIN' DA!!!

Looks like we got ourselves a writer here! Dad, I can't see real good, is that Bill Shakespeare sittin' over there? Huh?

---Actually, Matt, we've tried to encourage Jimmy with his writing.....----

Dad, I wish you could just shut yer big YAP-PER!
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Religion makes you fast?

Now I am really confused. Did the fact that Kipp is a devoted Christian allow him to be a substitute rider or did it allow him to win a WSB race? Did I miss something here?
How about "devout christian". He who writes for a living should know better. Or am I being to picky?
It's nice to see Christians reside somewhere in the world of racing. See, you don't have to give up everything that is fun.
I agree. I think the article makes the point that in the world of motorcycle racing, those who truly live for the Lord are probably in the great minority. Of course, if the rapture were to occur during a Winston Cup race, most of the field would probably be gone.....LOL
I would assume the reason this article makes the comment about Kipp's faith is because he not only calls himself a Christian, but he acts like it as well. It's great to see that his faith so obviously affects his way of life.
I think it was good to mention how important his faith is to him. Let's face it, when you're in the public spot light its not exactly considered to be "cool" to say that you're a "Jesus freak". I for one applaud him for being open in what he believes and not being ashamed to tell the world about it. Amen brother.
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