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Tommy Hayden Penalized

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Re: Tommy Hayden Penalized for Fontana Superstock Tech Issue

1st post ! I win
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So Sean you were slower only because you weren't cheating huh! You should have been the winner.


Yeah, that's it. I didn't win because I wasn't cheating. Actually, Meiring's bike was found to be legal and it was even faster than Hayden's on the straights.
I thought you where allowed to do some porting...Anyone have a list of the rules?
Tommy's team response per RoadracingWorld

Deburring around the valves is the issue. They say it is not a performance enhancement, but it it is not, I question why they would do it.


You can machine the gasket surfaces of the head and cylinder, including the cylinder base. You can (I believe) do multi-angle valve jobs provided that the grinding is limited to the valve seat itself. All engine parts must be stock, with no modification. Carb rejetting/EFI reprograming is allowed, exhaust system can be replaced, shocks can be replaced and fork springs, valving etc can be modified.

I believe the rules are on the AMA web site but I was too lazy to find the exact link.
Is Carry Andrew tuning for Tommy nowadadys?
What a crock of *****- they can't come up with a better excuse than an outright lie? Come on. They cheated and got busted for it, just like that McWaters guy in Prostar last year.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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