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Torque Monsters: UK Raptor/S4 Test

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First post, no one can take it away from me!!! Hahahaha!! I am the Troy Corser of this post! You all are John Kosncsireshrkski whatever his name is.
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I think a naked RSV would be better than either the Raptor or S4. Probably cheaper too. Ducatis are overrated, I would know, having raced them in the 1940s in Spain.
I like both bikes! However, If you ask me, I'd rather have a brand spank'n new MV F4 Brutale. Now that is a true sex machine! If I can't have that please tell Cagiva to bring the Navigator. Better yet, tell Cagiva to put the S4 engine in the Gran Canyon and leave the Navigator overseas. I'll park it next to my new FZ-1
Dryfly, your answer neatly encapsulates the problem...

Just as the manufacturers have to compromise, because they want their product to make money (revenue v profit v total sales in $ is an exercise for the reader), we have to compromise on what we buy. I'd love an F4 and a Raptor, and lots others. While you're playing fairy godmother, what about a Vincent Black Lightening, as well ?

One of the things that matters to me in my search for the perfect bike is that I will only have one working bike at a time. This means it has to be a practical day bike (i.e. if it don't at least have a sidestand, then its off the list), a capable tourer, and be servceable at home. That last one strikes a lot of contemporary bikes off the list on its own (including by the sound of it the Duke).
Interestingly, the Black Shadow ("tame" version of the Lightening) makes the list, plus it's tuneable to 150Mph+, and has sidecar mountings.

oh well, back to work....
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I have seven bikes and all I've really wanted is basically what is offered by the new Yamaha FJR. Unfortunately, Yamaha says I don't need it here in the states. What a bunch of idiots!
You sir, have Alzheimer’s

From your post, are you saying that today’s motorcycles produced by Ducati are of equivalent performance and quality as the 1940's bikes?
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