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Tough buying decision made tougher

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OK - some points to consider.....

1) What gets you off more - the riding itself or the buzz of the look/ownership thing

2) If you can afford a 748 - can you afford an R1? - more 'cred than an R6- and probably easier to ride by grunting it around in one or two gears

3) What would a used R6 and some cash spent on tarting it up (special paint, bodywork, etc) do for your WOW button?

4) Dont forget the running costs

5) If the 748 would be an unpleasant ride for much of your riding (around town/touring) that might well take the pleasure out of actually being on it on the road.

6) What about a massive, life sized 748 poster on your wall (or maybe on your bedroom ceiling.......) to compensate for having the 'sensible' R6

Really, I guess my main advice would be write down all the pro's and cons of both bikes then write down what things about riding/owning a bike give you the most 'oomph' and compare lists. I dont think you can go wrong with either.

Maybe that knockout supermodel sucks as company or even in 'intimate surrounds' and you'd be better with the high performing, nice to be around chick.

Dont forget - with babes and bikes, you can hire one for special occasions...........oooooh that will probably get me in trouble. True though!.

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Hey , that's really an easy one. If you buy the 748 will you survive (financially) ? the 748. (you will thank me.) the r6. (you will thank me.)

Man was that easy.
Sounds like they have already made up their mind. I like Yamaha but riding is mostly about having fun. They are not really satisfied w/ purchasing the Yamaha. Riding around wishing you had bought something else is not my idea of fun. We can all make compromises but I can tell from the text this individual is not really able to do that with this one. They just need someone to go ahead and say get the Ducati. Get the Ducati
He hit the nail on the head. It comes down to bucks. The 748 is expensive to own, expensive to maintain, uncomfortable, etc. Of course, it has telepathic handling.

When you lean over the tank the shape reminds you of a beautiful woman's back when you're entering from behind. Nobody ever made a post on why a Honda is better than a woman. There are lists on why a Ducati is.

Every Japanese 600 is a better all around street bike. Will they actually outrun a Duc on a mountain road? Only if they have a better pilot.

So let me throw another option on the pile, a 900SS Ducati. Cheaper than a 748, more torque, valves you can adjust yourself. Is it as beautiful as a 748? No, nothing is. Is it a better choice than a 600, of course. On either of the Ducs you will be very happy. But don't buy one if it will bankrupt you.

I own a VFR. I will keep my VFR. But the only bike that really tempts me is a Ducati. There's this 750SS, a leftover 2000 that I have my eye on. The dealer is willing to part with it for $7,500. You can find one, too.

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Reducing emotions to lists of pros and cons; you sound like an engineer. Always lead with your heart and be seduced by the passion in life. If you do this, there is only one bike to buyin my view--a Duck. A Yamaha is a Yamaha; everybody has one. No matter how good the bike--it is still just another Yamaha or Honda or whatever. Just my 2 cents; good luck with your decision.

go with your heart if you can afford it. I love my ZX-6R, but I know about Ducati lust. Ducatis are beautiful- thank god there are passionate Italians to make our autos and motorcycles more than just transportation.
Let's say you can afford either bike. Have you done some research on both of them? If you have you know that the R6 is cheaper, faster, and more comfortable. It is also going to be cheaper to maintain. The 748 is basically for the track. It is not a comfortable everyday road bike made for your basic commute or daily riding. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the way the 748 looks and would love to own a Ducati one day. Personally I would prefer a monster but that is me. For now, what do you want to do with the bike? I think one of the posts had a suggestion about the new R1. You will be seeing some roadtests on that this week on the net. I would definitely suggest considering that as it is much cheaper and faster that the 748. It is also very cool looking. Good luck and somehow I hope we find out what you decide to do and if you are happy with your decision.
The hardest payment you'll ever make is for something you don't really want. I understand you dilema, I too can't figure out if my next bike will be a 600 or a larger displacement twin. Look at it this way, unless you are riding both the bikes back to back, you're not going to miss the one you didn't buy. Guaranteed fun on either one of these bikes. If I were you and the money wasn't a problem, I would buy the Ducati. Through the twisties it's going to have excellent handling, so what if it weighs a little more or tops out a little slower. I own an SV and have passed more powerful bikes and I've also been passed by them. It all comes down to rider skill. The real question is, red or yellow?
Buy a Suzuki Bandit 1200 with an M4 Can.

You won't be bored, and you can beat 90%

of the bikes out there!!!

Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc, Buy the Duc, buy the Duc.
Well, that takes care of the next 15 posts advocating you against it :D

Seriously, Buy the Duc. Why? Because you could go ahead and buy the R6, which would work just fine, mind you, but even a small glitch or comment from a friend against the R6's appeal can make you repent the day you bought it. Sure, the Duc hurts your bums and wrists, but when it does, look at it below you, then look at the general public looking at it below you, give a naughty smile and be happy and gay! So just be 'sensible' and buy the Duc.
First things first!

What makes you think the r6 has so much more hp? I have both. The yang has to be flogged like you hate it to get anywhere and riding hard drives the suspension straight into the mac if you weigh more than 140 lbs. and like curvy roads. I always hear that ducs are for tracks, and although they are the world champs, they also take sportbike honors on the street if you live where the roads twist. Since 1993 the 916 has been the target and with only minor changes, they still look like the bike that will challenge the others to equal on the wall on the floor and the street. they will never go out of style becase style comes from them, not japan. Some bodywork, some frame, some twin, the greatest chasis ever built. Own one and everything else has something great to enjoy, but you will enjoy everything about the greatest bike ever built. If they are the same for another 10 years, they will still be the target others try to find something in common with. I flog my r6 till i lose the front end, I fly on my gixer till the shifter gives up

I cut ribbons around switchbacks with my 929 till the 4 popper bores me to tears, but my 748R never ages the twin makes me smile fast or slow the chasis is way ahead of my riding and I'm still learning to tune it. it's drop dead beautifull, thousands of hours of thought and affection for engineering ooz from every line. I cannot imagine having any difficulty making this decision. I do find myself a little jealous of your position to begin discovering Ducati all over again. an adventure neither of us will ever complete. have fun with your new riding partner. w4

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Hrm. 'even a small comment from a friend against the R6's appeal can make you repent the day you bought it'.

How's that? I don't agree with that. I don't give my friends that much credit. They can fuck off if they don't like what I bought, but their words ain't gonna affect MY opinion of MY bike in the slightest.

THEN, you went on to advise the anonymous guy to 'be gay'. Hmmmmmmm. ;o)
If the Duc gives you that tingly sensation down below, then buy it. Chevrolet doesn't sell thousands of Corvettes because they're practical. People want them because they're expensive, fast and good looking. If you can afford it, buy what makes YOU happy.
Are you really thinking about the 748R? Technically, I don't think those are even legal for use on the street in the US. Yes, you can get around it, but what's the real story behind those?

In any case, assuming you really are considering a 748R vs an R6, the choice is simple to me- the Ducati wins. Twins are such a blast, and the R version just has those little trick touches that almost seems to make it worth the money, plus that extra visceral appeal! I think that the R6 is the coolest 600 available, but the twin with the extra gut appeal gets me.

Good luck!

As far as I can think (not much distance), any person who is buying a Ducati 998/748 for the road, gives quite a lot of credit to other peoples opinion about his bike. But then, as I said, I can't think that far..................
The 748 is an emotional amplifier. When you're feeling good, it will make you even better. When you can't quite get youself together it will infuriate you, and you will kick it off its feeble sidestand, damage its fairing and feel worse. The R6 is just fast reliable transport.

This isn't about whether you can afford it financially, but whether you can afford it emotionally - and it sounds like you're already in too deep to turn your back on the Duc. Welcome to the irrational world of motorcycling, where grown men weep with lust over pieces of alloy. And remember, if motorcyclists did the sensible thing, we'd all drive cars. But, thank God, we don't.
Pro's and con's can be emotions too. Eg the thrill of the sound of the two engines - some like the howl of a hi-reving four, some a thump or a twin.

Some appreciate the functional efficiency with as much passion as some appreciate aesthetic beauty.

I'm no engineer, but they ride bikes too dont they? Along with the artists, accountants, nurses, trash collectors.....

Hey, some like Liz Hurley, some like Pam Anderson.......

Happy riding.
Right, entering from behind. But you may have a valid point. The rounded shape of my R6's tank reminded me of this woman, gave me a hard-on while riding. No Really. Yesssss!
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