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Tougher Law Sought for Those Who Don't Yeild to Bikers.

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I up for something more extreme. Vehicular assault charges or something. ;-)

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When a biker gets killed by a cager not yielding, the cager 'can' get their license revoked or suspended?

Wow, that should really put the fear of god into every cager … I bet they’re really going to look out for motorcyclists now.

It's about TIME!!

It's about TIME!!

Here in Mesa Arizona they have a 3 foot law for bicyclists where you can't legaly come closer then 3 feet. However, there is no such law for motorcyclist and I have looked back to see cars behind me with their bumper almost touching my back tire!!

Hope this law get's passed in all 50 states!!
I'm just glad they included the phonetic spelling of that politician's name or I would have never made it through the article.
Much as I hate the cagers who act irresponsibly I'm also sure that yet another law will have no effect. It's already illegal to do these things. And if you take someone's license they just drive anyhow.

The sorts of people who do these irresponsible and dangerous things don't consider the consequences of their actions in the first place. Stiffer penalties will do nothing to curtail their behavior. Especially since the police only show up to clean up the mess. I suppose that there might be some sort of emotional payoff for seeing a wrongdoer punished. Won't help the dead/injured biker, though.

I think that public awareness campaigns are more effective. After all it was the crying Native American ads that really put a bite in the littering problem back in the 60's, not increased penalties. Laws and fines have less effect since there aren't that many policemen around to enforce them.

It will not matter. As long as the general perception of riders is we are just getting what we deserve, no one is really going to create, enforce, or abide by laws protecting us. We are still seen by the majority as functionally retarded thrill junkies, and that perception will taint the creation of enforcement of laws such as this. Me, I just try to do the majority of my riding at a time and place where my interaction with cars is reduced.
That's the single biggest benefit to Harley's being so sought after by Joe and Janey mid-life crisis...When half the "regular" folks are on or know someone who has a bike they might dig their heads a little further out of their butts once in a while when they're driving and take a gander at what's going on around them.

Well, that and all that oil leaking out and keeping the dust down in the summer........
I agree 100%. It will be just another law ignored and the cage driver can always defend herself with "I just didn't see him!"

It be great to reserve billboards for displaying "A$$hole of the Week" photos.
Nice, so you ride when there are no or few cars around? Like when? 4 AM on Sunday morning? You have got to be kidding, might as well go buy a Prius and sell your obviously unused motorcycles! Anyhow, it is ride you bike to work day, did you? I did...
Re: It's about TIME!!

That's what rear-mounted shotguns are for! Time to get all road warrior on their asses! ;-)
A true story from years back when I lived in SF:

When a friend on his GPz 550 was stopped at a traffic light, a woman came up behind in a large sedan and stopped. When the light changed and he didn't jump off the line fast enough, she ran into him. He and the bike were pinned, though luckily with minor damage/injuries. When asked by police if she saw the motorcyclist RIGHT IN FRONT of her, she said, yes, but it was only a guy on a motorcycle. Sheesh.

It'd be great to see the DMV, AMA and MSF band together and encourage some motorcycle awareness and goodwill. Laws are fine, but enlightening people may be our greatest deterrent.

You look like Popeye yet?
Maybe he should have gotten up and put his foot through her windshield "It's just a hunk of glass!"

Women! They are just ***** poor dirvers. Yes that is stereotyping. Yes, I know, but I commute on my bike and have lots of evidence to support my view. Like today when the witch in the Navigator turned right at an intersection on a red and hit two bicyclists standing therre waiting for the light to change. She made the big mistake of yelling at them to "Get off the Road!" before that. I just loved giving my name and statement to the cops. I advocated that she be arrested for assault. I left before it ended so she may be calling Daddy from the jail. LOVE IT!
Friend of mine's Dad had this happen about 40-45 years ago; - Woman ran him over on the Interstate right after pulling alongside and making eye contact with him.

Luckily, other motorists and a Highway Patrol Officer showed-up within seconds of her running him down. He was rashed-up a bit, broken arm and leg, but otherwise OK.

The only reason the woman stopped? She knew she had hit something, and was checking out her car - the Officer had to actually stop her from driving away (everyone was clustered around 50 or so yards back from where she had stopped - NO WAY that had anything to do with HER!)

Officer puts her in the cruiser, interviews my friend's Dad, finds out what happened. Goes to the woman to get her side; she denies seeing him at all. When pressed further, Officer says "He tells me you made EYE CONTACT, then turned on your signal and ran him down! How could you not have seen him?"

Her reply?

"I saw HIM, but I didn't see the MOTORCYCLE!"

Called him the Super Jogger..........
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My office is on the first floor of my home, but I did go out and look at my bike. Does that count?

I do ride less than I used to, but that has more to do with children than anything else. I do less around town riding now, and spend more time out in the country. I used to ride a lot around town, but I have found it less and less enjoyable. I have had to deal with an increasing number of distracted/aggressive drivers, and realized living a real life version of "Death Race 2000" was not much fun.

I started leaving early on Saturday/Sunday mornings (6-7 AM) when most people are asleep, and found that for about two hours, I have the country roads mostly to myself. I can go miles without seeing another car or bike, which I could not say when I would sleep in and head out later. The other side benefit is that I never see any police when I am out early. Works out well, especially because I can focus on my riding and I am less stressed. It's great, last Sunday I am heading home and pass a group of guys on GSXRs heading out. Three of them are in tee shirts, and one guy is on a full race bike (no lights, mirrors, etc...). I don't want to be out on those country roads with such "hardcore" bikers.
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