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Tour Master Cortech Reader Feedback

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I have the sport jacket w/ pants and am very pleased with both...I have no complaints regarding the pants, as the reviewer apparently did..keeps me warm and dry under all adverse conditions, and the venting in the jacket allows wear even in 100 degree summer weather...when the pants stay in the closet and the Draggin Jeans come out.

As opposed to the Bozo (Bozette?) posting above, I enjoy your product reviews.
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I had a TourMaste Cortech one-piece suit and was unimpresse with it's performance in a get-off. While most of the panels held up OK, the lycra at the knee shredded very quickly, leaving the thin nylon inner liner as the only protection for my knee. Had I slid any longer, I would have been through the nylon and into my knee.

Additionally, the fabric at the cuffs and colar deteriorates over time, eventually allowing the inner liner to come adrift - this is bad becasue it's that inner liner that holds and locates the armor.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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