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I have been wearing a cordura set of clothing for the past 5 years. Produced by Moto the concept is very similar to Cortechs.

Good ventilation in the summer with just shorts and T shirt underneath. Its amazing how many bugs end up on the suit especially the black pants, you can often feel them hit!

Cooler months the liner and cross country poly underwear keep me warm. I usually have the bike off the road from Dec to March as our cool wet weather in Vancouver is not too condusive to riding unless you have heated everything clothing wise and big fairings.

Going to work on an almost 0 degree Cel. morning is ok without the underwear, just street cloths under the suit.

I like all the pockets, good for all sorts of stuff like digital camera, wallets etc . All seams are good in the wet.

Check out the photos at ,

Good riding
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