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Purchased a Cortech Jacket and pants with my dealer recomendations and a few readups on them. Just finished a 5,810 mile jaunt up the coast of Maine. One day of riding about a 100 or so miles in a light rain in Maine. Belly got a little wet. Not sure why. Maybe I didn't have the velcro quite secure enuff. Rest was good and dry.

Suit was really warm and widder vest worked good with it when needed. This was without lining.

Venting, well , I was behind a windscreen but the vents did feel better.

In all, I found it to be lighter, warmer and cooler than my old leather jacket and pants. Lots more water resistant also. But, you got to get it off fast when not running. But, that's the same as the leather.

Yes, I would buy them again.
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