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On May 11 of this year I put my Tourmaster Cortech jacket and pants to the ultimate test. I was cruising up a four lane mountain road near my house at about 70 mph when a brain dead SUV cager swerved into my lane and clipped the front wheel of my Blackbird. After a few tank slappers I high sided. I came down on my left side, rolled once, and then slid on my back about 150 feet before I stopped. Total injuries - numerous bruises, a serious scrape on the palm of my left hand, and a scrape/puncture about the size of a quarter on my right elbow.

Appraisal of Tourmaster gear: Well, thanks to Tourmaster and Shoei, I jumped up and ran off the road - that says alot all by itself! The only "nit" I have is that the divet in the elbow pads which (I presume) is designed to allow articulation of the elbow, is the exact location of where I was bit! However, in spite of serious glazing, tearing, and abrasion of the shoulders, other elbow, front, knees, left hip, butt, and especially the back pad I had no other blood loss. In fact, I attribute the injury to my right elbow to the fact that I came down on my front and then rolled with my right arm tucked in in front of my body.

All the gear was trashed, but after a 70 mph spill I don't find that surprising. I shopped around after the crash to see if I could find anything I liked better, but once the insurance money arrived I decided that short of full leathers there wasn't anything out there which would have done a better job. So, I replaced all the gear with the identical Tourmasters I was wearing when I went down.

Bottom line - My Cortech jacket and pants ( along with my full face helmet and heavy duty boots) saved me significant disfigurement, at a minimum, and probably my life. Unless I someday buy a set of racing leathers, I will never ride one of my bikes wearing anything else.

PS. 6 weeks and $4000 later the Blackbird was resurrected and has since seen around 2000 miles of trouble free riding. I also bought a pair of Tourmaster Racecomp gloves to replace the ones that bit the palm of my left hand.
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