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Synthetics just can't hack it.

It's true. I crashed this last time in my Roadcrafter, and slid maybe 50 feet on my knee. The outer patch of materiel was worn all the way through, scuffing the much lighter (1000 stich v. 500 stitch) fabric underneath. Another 25 feet and I would have lost some skin. (But much less then if I was wearing nothing- can you imagine what your crash would have been like in JUST a t-shirt? Ugh!)

There was an article in Motorcycle Consumer News comparing different fabrics for abrasion resistance, and the Aerostitch fabric was rated more highly than many types of leather. Well, I've crashed in both, and I don't believe it.

If you want really good crash protection, there is still no substitute for good quality leather.

But under the conditions you described, I don't know if leather would have been much better.
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