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Touring DC on a Hog

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Just what Washinton needs, more pork!
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I've done a couple of rental rides, once in Charleston,SC and another time renting a bike in Cancun and heading South toward Belize. It's a great way to make a vacation special.

Nitpicking Dept. for Gabe:

1) Full touring Dyna?

2) I think you meant slow down and enjoy the scenery, not avoid it.
What a missed opportunity!

Am I the only one who can't believe I'm not reading a hernia-inducing, "MR. ALLCAPS GOES TO WASHINGTON" spoof? Oh where is Herb Kornfeld when you really need him?
Well, that's USUALLY my goal.

To avoid hitting or becoming part of the scenery.
I am an artiste

And I only go after the difficult targets. I don't think the majority of MOridians would appreciate my brand of political humor. My political bent makes KPaul look like Pat Buchannan. However, I know when to keep my mouth shut.

I'm not discussing this with any of you guys, but I have very personal reasons why I'm so angry at this administration that I get physically ill thinking about them, so any political stuff would come off as being insanely bitter and weird.

But hey, it worked for JohnnyB! Maybe I should rewrite.
Re: I am an artiste

"I'm so angry at this administration that I get physically ill thinking about them" That pretty much sums it up for anyone bright enough to recognize mendacity, and duplicitous obfuscation when they hear it Gabe.

Re: I am an artiste

ditto for me....The one positive side of this negative effect on my body brought on by the current administration is that I don't watch the news much anymore and spend more time thinking about good things like my kids, my wife, dogs, cat and motorcycles. Nice article Gabe. Love your style. My big sis just moved to DC when her husband was promoted in the Forest Service...looks like great way to see DC. Thanks again Gabe.
fair and balanced reporting

I think we should have a MO Crossfire with me & JB vs. Buzz & Longride (assuming we can find some restraints strong enough to make me & the micro-legend comfortable going tete a tete with the wookie-sized LR). We can do a live cybercast, and after each topic the MOrons can vote to force one team or the other to do a shot of Goldschlager until we either solve the world's problems or pass out and forget they exist.
Re: fair and balanced reporting

Ah Ebass you know I'm a lover, not a fighter. Heck Marvin Gaye and me share the same birthday (and Casanova too).

We'd argue for 5 minutes, have a good laugh and you guys would all leave and I'd have all your wallets.
Re: fair and balanced reporting

Hey EB let's do the Goldschlager qnd FTW man! I'm not really a politics guy. They all lie, from the Repubs, to the Dems, to the Libs. It just kills me to listen to people that think one liar is better than another. I'd get JB drunk and we'd have lots of laughs.
Nice job Gabe! I haven't been to DC yet, but now that my sis moved there, I really need to get there one day. Time! We all need more damned time!
Re: fair and balanced reporting

Truer words were never spoken. Bull$hit knows every political affiliation.

Gabe this is pretty cool. Being the thinking mat that you are I cannot imagine the self-control it must take for you to visit DC and not want to jump off a bridge.
Re: I am an artiste

What he said! I usually moderate myself in these areas (believe it or not) for reasons apparent to me, although I've never been asked to. Neither "Party" is worth spit in my opinion and US will continue in the wrong direction as long as we have a two-party system (electoral college) IMHO. There are those here that I respect as Men and Motorcyclists even though our political beliefs are on opposite ends of the spectrum. There are those here whose beliefs in these areas closely reflect mine in many ways. I have engaged in interesting and thought provoking discussions with Gentlemen of both groups here. Both groups occasionally "slam" each other in ways that I see as "tongue in cheek" OR will respond to personal attacks in kind. Sometimes a guy will say something so ignorant it seems that they WANT to get Stomped and that usually happens. I respect all MOrons to some degree but wish that a few (the VERY few) could discuss these things without personal attacks (the Politicians are in public life and are fair game to those not talking out their A$$ with zero info. IMHO). With this standard in place (Kpaul!) we could express ourselves in ways not grating to those not offended by opinions different than their own. Those offended by opinions different than their own... must be a hard life.
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And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

I can't believe you didn't go to the Smithsonian. Oh well, it is a motorcycle piece. And, anyway, it had to be awe-inspiring being around all the history, monuments and bull sh!t.

I have a pretty-good idea what the George W. Bush monument should look like; I just can’t imagine anyone sculpting a propeller beanie, out of marble.
if i wanted to watch an advert for eaglerider for 50% of the article i wouldn't expect to pay for it

Eagle Rider is a nationwide chain of independently owned motorcycle and scooter rental shops.

There's an Eagle Rider in almost every tourist destination in the USA (as well as in Cancun, Mexico and Cannes, France),

Matt Kirn has owned Eagle Rider DC since 2002. It's conveniently located about five miles from Dulles International Airport

n addition to a wide array of cruisers to choose from, Eagle Rider offers sunglasses and other accessories all


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Re: I am an artiste

I for one appreciate Leftist politics. Maybe that's why I really liked JB. Not to mention it gets Sean's panties in a bunch, and I enjoy that too. So please MO, stick it to the Right. And while you're at it, give it to those self-serving Libertarians, too.
Re: I am an artiste

Oh one more thing...

I like beer. In my Socialist order, everybody would get free beer. And greens too.
Re: I am an artiste

Everybody gets free greens? Like spinach? If this is your utopia, I'm thinking your imagination is broke.
Re: I am an artiste

recognize mendacity, and duplicitous obfuscation

You use your tongue purdier than a twenty dollar *****
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