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Touring DC on a Hog

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Just what Washinton needs, more pork!
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Re: I am an artiste

Oh jeez. You've just made the universal description for every presidential administration in history. Well done. We can shut off all the political talk shows now.
Re: I am an artiste

No. Free "greens" refers to free uniforms. It'll take an army that includes virtually every single citizen to enforce anyone's idea of "utopia".
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

We'll just commission the guy who's doing Clinton's marble condom.
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

The only problem with a sculpture like that is that you could put any politician's name on it and it would work.
Re: How about just a more perfect union?

You don't have to say "bad lawyers". You can just say "lawyers".

Same thing.

By the way. I'll bet you are a teacher.
Re: I am an artiste

What the freak are you talking about dude? Bush is one of the biggest social spenders since the other next greatest social spender... Nixon. Where do idiots get the idea that republicans don't blow huge throwaway wads of cash to buy votes, just like the democrats?
Re: I am an artiste

Ha ha. Critical comments about "self-serving" libertarians would be more impressive if there weren't a single liberal who didn't also intend to personally benefit from all the govt largesse stolen from people who actually work for a living.

There is nothing noble about greed, no matter how much selfserving PR is spewed to justify it.
Re: I am an artiste

Well, I still don't think that BushII has quite outdone LBJ quite yet. Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

He's trying though.
Re: How about just a more perfect union?

Well, I had to pull my daughter out those wonferful public schools to keep her out of the hands of the criminal ritalin pushers. So I've been paying a lot to educate her as well as pay taxes for the puclic schools. And you don't think I pay enough?

You can go to hell.... er, sorry, I'm in Utah... you can go to heck!
Now you're falling down on the job.

You forgot to compare Stalin favorably to Bush also. I'll help you out:

Stalin may have murdered 20 million+ of his own people but Bush GAVE TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY! And he got together whith Cheney and carried out a Black Sabbath ceremony while ordering a Koran flushed down a toilet... a horrible torture for those brave freedom fighters who are certainly justified when they blow up innocent civilians because Satan/Bush/Cheney made them do it!

And he cut all those social programs like..... er.... uhh.... well he must have cut something. And he only gave the Dept of Education $5 billion more dollars each year! Evil evil evil evil evil evil.......

And have you seen the latest from the UN? Bush let those WMDs (that weren't there) escape Iraq! A very good evil trick to let dangerous weapons that everybody says were never there slip out of the country. Surely Bush must be in league with Lucifer to pull off such a coup. And on top of all that we had a power failure during a windstorm last week that was surley conjured up by the Prince of Darkness in the White house.

Floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, meteor strikes, new supernova in andromeda... Bush's fault....Bush's fault....Bush's fault....Bush's fault....Bush's fault....Bush's fault....Bush's fault.........
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Re: How about just a more perfect union?

No, I don't believe it's a mandated duty of govt. However we live in a republic and so if that's what the people want then that's what we'll have.

But on a deeper note, if you look at public school performance vs funding you discover that the schools that the states that spend the least perform better. If we gave the school bureacrats the entire defense budget they would still scream that it's not enough.

I say eliminate all positions from the schools except teachers and janitors. No counsellors, no shrinks, no nothin'. Return to the teaching methods in use at the turn of the 19th-20th Century. The "new" methods, developed mainly by behavioral scientists in Bismark's Germany, are patently worthless.

Hey, you're into fighting the establisment, right? The current system of govt school bureaucracy is the epitome of a hidebound reactionary establishment. Go for it! Up the revolution!
Re: I am an artiste

Whaddyamean? You don't know nuthin about bikes. Dammed GPTB member. I'll bet you installed a 12" over springer front end and hardtail section on your Trophy. I'll bet you put a 48" high sissy bar with an iron cross on top on it too.
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