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Touring DC on a Hog

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Just what Washinton needs, more pork!
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Re: I am an artiste

I think you're both Gay Duck Billed Platypi in wing-tips!

Up with Hope, Down with Soap!

If it doesn't fit, you must uh, er find him not guilty or something.

Personally, I support our troops manning weather stations in Antartica.

I once knew a (insert xenophobe here)

Yeah! I knew a gay guy once, and he seemed just like a "normal" guy. I once worked with a Jew though, and let me tell you....

A Teacher?

Oh yeah, Bobby is just what we need teaching our children; an aspiring screenwriter, amateur horticulturist and teacher who dropped out of law school and wants free beer and "greens" for our children.

In all seriousness, Bobby is a good guy, but let's face it; if he can't even figure out that I'm not actually that "right-wing Libertarian wacko" that I teased him as, then I don't think I want him molding and assessing the academic potential of any offspring that might happen to spring from my ample loins.
Good Job

Excellent Post, that was a well-stated and logical argument from a reasonably moderate viewpoint. Either you're maturing, or you've stepped-away from the "greens" for a couple hours.

Next assignment.... explain the merits of the opposite side of your own viewpoint and then show how those merits don't outweigh the deficiencies caused by the total package. Might I suggest; the Bush Administration's Foreign Policies, their effect on international relations and the impacts they have on our domestic citizenry.

-Sean (your favorite whacked-out Limbaugh blowing, wannabe Republican Intern, whose actual political leanings you still haven't figured out.)
The 10th

I did some training with the 10th Mtn up at Ft. Davidson (Cheat River, West VA.) Shortly thereafter, we buried Pvt. Anton Smith at Arlington, after he went into freezing Cat5 rapids in full TA-50. 11B (L) had its drawbacks. -Sean
Ashkenazi astride swine in fascist capitol.

1 - 6 of 90 Posts
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