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Touring DC on a Hog

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Just what Washinton needs, more pork!
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Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

A Bush monument would be easy, just use one of R.Crumb's head up your ass cartoons.....

"Your problem is obvious"
Re: I am an artiste

That was feld-grau not green,

Hitler promised a chicken in every pot, a volks radio, living space and retribution to the comunists and Jews who brought about their defeat in the war to end all wars.

As an excersise in group-think and political accumen Hitler and the NSDAP were absolutely without equal, with an approval rating of 80~90% as late as 1944.
I passed through there on my way home from getting out of the Navy in Virginia. The bus had a 4 hour lay-over so I hung out in some park with a bunch of Brothers drinking Olde English 800 and smoking weed.

There was some kind of 'Nam-Vet rally going on but Jimmy Carter didn't show up. Probably busy running the country into the ground.
Re: I am an artiste

I've enjoyed reading you two's debate. You're both much more eloquant in putting your thoughts to words than I. My own political leanings run towards FDR and the New Deal, IE the government exists to serve and provide for the people, everyone contributes a fixed amount of their income, and everyone has access to needed social services such as education health care and assistance.

Probably not a popular position these days..One nice thing about our currant administration is that by the time they're through enough people might have woken up and we can return the country to a little left of center, where it seems to work the best for all, not just the top 10% income brackets.
Re: see how good it works........

All of those things happened because the Fuhrer is right. Deuchland is stabbed in the back by communists and Jews. Only the Fuhrer has the vision and strength to lead us to victory.

Ein Riech, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer
Re: I am an artiste

This is exactly why I stick to motorcycles, which I know quite a bit about, and away from political discussions, which I know and care very little about.
Re: I am an artiste

When were you up here?????

How'd you like the iron cross rear view mirrors and 8 ball jockey shift conversion?
1 - 7 of 90 Posts
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