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Re: I am an artiste

What he said! I usually moderate myself in these areas (believe it or not) for reasons apparent to me, although I've never been asked to. Neither "Party" is worth spit in my opinion and US will continue in the wrong direction as long as we have a two-party system (electoral college) IMHO. There are those here that I respect as Men and Motorcyclists even though our political beliefs are on opposite ends of the spectrum. There are those here whose beliefs in these areas closely reflect mine in many ways. I have engaged in interesting and thought provoking discussions with Gentlemen of both groups here. Both groups occasionally "slam" each other in ways that I see as "tongue in cheek" OR will respond to personal attacks in kind. Sometimes a guy will say something so ignorant it seems that they WANT to get Stomped and that usually happens. I respect all MOrons to some degree but wish that a few (the VERY few) could discuss these things without personal attacks (the Politicians are in public life and are fair game to those not talking out their A$$ with zero info. IMHO). With this standard in place (Kpaul!) we could express ourselves in ways not grating to those not offended by opinions different than their own. Those offended by opinions different than their own... must be a hard life.
1 - 1 of 90 Posts
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