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Touring DC on a Hog

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Just what Washinton needs, more pork!
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Re: I am an artiste

Oh jeez. You've just made the universal description for every presidential administration in history. Well done. We can shut off all the political talk shows now.
Re: I am an artiste

No. Free "greens" refers to free uniforms. It'll take an army that includes virtually every single citizen to enforce anyone's idea of "utopia".
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

We'll just commission the guy who's doing Clinton's marble condom.
Re: I am an artiste

As far as I’m concerned, any MOron can slam anyone they want, - as long as it’s funny. If you want to describe anyone on either side of aisle as, "a Duck Billed Platypus in wing-tips," that’s fine with me.
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

What, the statue isn’t gonna have Lewinsky kneeling in the foreground? How Disappointing!
Re: I am an artiste

Worked for Hitler.
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

A Bush monument would be easy, just use one of R.Crumb's head up your ass cartoons.....

"Your problem is obvious"
Re: I am an artiste

That was feld-grau not green,

Hitler promised a chicken in every pot, a volks radio, living space and retribution to the comunists and Jews who brought about their defeat in the war to end all wars.

As an excersise in group-think and political accumen Hitler and the NSDAP were absolutely without equal, with an approval rating of 80~90% as late as 1944.
I passed through there on my way home from getting out of the Navy in Virginia. The bus had a 4 hour lay-over so I hung out in some park with a bunch of Brothers drinking Olde English 800 and smoking weed.

There was some kind of 'Nam-Vet rally going on but Jimmy Carter didn't show up. Probably busy running the country into the ground.

Snowcrash, you pretty much just repeated the entire "advertisement". You work for EagleRider?

In either case, thanks very little for using up 15 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
Re: And you missed the Smithsonian, how?

The only problem with a sculpture like that is that you could put any politician's name on it and it would work.
Re: I am an artiste

So much for the thinking, that the will of the majority is always right. You get the right PR guys, and you can sell aardvarks to an ant hill.
Re: fair and balanced reporting

Instead, could we maybe get Buz & LR to tour San Francisco and write it up? I'm guessing the need to hold back wouldn't be any less than with Gabe in DC...
Re: I am an artiste

Jeez, I miss Slim Pickens... it's getten so that a feller cain't find a decent henchman anywheres these days!
Re: fair and balanced reporting

I'd love to tour Frisco. Buz can show me all the hot spots. As to your "hold back" reference, I don't have any problem with gays. I had a gay neighbor for 8 years. Never had one problem with him. If people don't bother me, I don't bother them.
Re: I am an artiste

I think you're both Gay Duck Billed Platypi in wing-tips!

Up with Hope, Down with Soap!

If it doesn't fit, you must uh, er find him not guilty or something.

Personally, I support our troops manning weather stations in Antartica.

I once knew a (insert xenophobe here)

Yeah! I knew a gay guy once, and he seemed just like a "normal" guy. I once worked with a Jew though, and let me tell you....

How about just a more perfect union?

You know the greens I'm talking about. If you don't, think Berkeley. Utopia? Who said anything about Utopia? For that to happen we'd first have to get rid of the bad lawyers.

We may never have a Utopia, Dylan, but I do believe that we can have a more perfect union, and I would happily settle for that. How do we achieve that though? I think it must start with education. Here is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite shows that illustrates my belief:

""Education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don't need little changes. We need gigantic revolutionary changes. . . . Competition for the best teachers should be fierce. They should be getting six-figure salaries. Schools should be incredibly expensive for government and absolutely free of charge for its citizens, just like national defense."

- Sam Seaborn from "The West Wing"
Re: fair and balanced reporting

I haven't been to San Francisco in about 10 years so I certainly don't know any hot spots.

Actually San Fran is pretty good for straight guys because it's such slim pickin's for all the girls!
Re: How about just a more perfect union?

You don't have to say "bad lawyers". You can just say "lawyers".

Same thing.

By the way. I'll bet you are a teacher.
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