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Track leathers for a Tall Guy?

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Call Vanson Leathers and have them custom cut. You'll pay more but the fit will be outstanding and the quality will keep you very happy. It will be worth it.
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can't go wrong

I agree with this, with one caveat. vanson makes really good stuff, but it takes a while to break in. If you wear it infrequently the breakin may stretch over a couple of seasons. One more thing. if you do have vanson do something like this and it doesn't fit somewhere, send them back for adjustment right away. vanson is also good about that. a poor fitting, stiff set is just downright painful. i tried to break in/stretchout a wrong measurement once and it broke me instead:)

i wear kangaroo for racing but vanson cowhide on the street and i don't see any need to switch out for a long time. initial cost is only one way to calculate value. i think the most important measure is cost per wear. for the trackdays i think you'll want to get the upgraded armor.
I'm 6'3" and wear 2pc Dainese that zips together. Due to the fact the knee pucks are still new, I have worn my 1pc Roadcrafter with a Bohn back protector to a track day as well.
I got my stuff from Z-leathers. Pricey, but well-made and fit perfectly with no break-in.

My stuff is for the street. Too many years of freezing my butt off, and the comfort factor in the wintertime makes it worth every penny. Admittedly, I'm from CA, but we get down to the 30's in the early morning, and wearing leathers keeps the pain away.
I got a Z-leathers suit too for racing. Very nice! It came to about $1200 or so (depends on options etc.) Much cheaper than vanson and most other custom leathers.
Alpinestars makes tall sizes in their Track pants now. They'll zip to any jacket with a 360.

I'm 6'3" 180 lbs, and have a long torso. One pieces are hard to do for us tall guys. I've found that the 2 piece offerings (or jacket and pants combos) typically have more trunk room that a comparative one piece.

If you have the money, I take the other guys' advice above and would go custom. Personally, I'm sick of buying gear on the internet, but there's no local dealers that sell anything other than shoddily made Joe Rocket crap. I have a ton of stuff that just doesn't fit. Grumble.

--The Fox
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I'll loan you 20 pounds and we can both be 200 even.
Have you thought about a textile alternative to leathers? I have an Aerostich roadcrafter suit that they say protects almost as well as leather. Plus it's waterproof.

They're easy to deal with for an internet outfit. They are at Good luck!
I'm 6'8" and an anabashed track junkie. after wearing illfitting 2 piece suits with the lycra connecting/zipper strip stretched to it's limits for a number of years, (there are no "tall" off the rack 1 piece leathers, by the way) I ordered a custom sized suit from Spyder LeatherWorks. the price was more than right; full featured: vented, speed hump, custom dyed color & design, patches & custom graphics, Bohn back protector sewn in (I supplied) ce armor; all for about half of what I would have paid for a Vanson. This is her 1st year of production, after doing repairs for quite a long time, as well as waranty work for a number of major retail brands, she's doing a limited number of suits this year (20, I believe) at greatly reduced prices, in exchange for extensive rider feedback. I should be receiving it in a couple weeks, look for a review of them at in the next month.


Motoport in California sold Kevlar one piece suits with removable pads, at least they did when I bought mine. They are cheaper than leather of the same overall quality. I bought mine in Oceanside, CA. they had a demo of one that had protected the rider from a 100 mph spill at Willow Springs. No torn seams, a couple of worn spots, and the rider got a few bruises.

You might check to see if Motoport (I think that's the right spelling) is still in business.

They make bulletproof vests of that stuff, you know. Furthermore, the Kevlar can be cleaned up in your home washing machine..
I feel for you. I am 6'4" and 215 pounds, 44L. I have tried a number of strategies. My current solution is a BMW ProEmotion 2 piece leather suit, used from Ebay. New the price was jaw dropping, used I could afford it. It is a fairly high quality bit of kit, but like all things BMW it does have its quirks.

I would love a Vanson suit. I have a made to measure Vanson jacket that fits very well. Those above speak truth about the break in time though.

I also have another suit I got from ebay, just a bit too tall and big for me. I was about to list and resell it, maybe it is right for you. Contact me off list if interested.
The only problem I had with my z's was when I lost weight and wanted to have the waist taken in on the pants. They quoted me in the high 100's. That's a lot for an alteration!
Walk around carrying bags of cement on your shoulders, that should take-care of that height problem.
Reviving old top: Tall guy needs track leathers

There was great information on this thread about options for us big guys and it's much appreciated.

I have the opportunity to go to a track day in early April, but just moved and don't have any of my leathers. It won't get here anytime soon and I'm not looking to buy new ($$$$$!). Does anyone out there have any used gear that they are looking to sell? Slightly damaged is okay also as long as the price is comparable.

I'm 6'4", 190 lbs, and a 42. I'm also looking for boots in a size 12, but could use a 13 or 14 if available.
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