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can't go wrong

I agree with this, with one caveat. vanson makes really good stuff, but it takes a while to break in. If you wear it infrequently the breakin may stretch over a couple of seasons. One more thing. if you do have vanson do something like this and it doesn't fit somewhere, send them back for adjustment right away. vanson is also good about that. a poor fitting, stiff set is just downright painful. i tried to break in/stretchout a wrong measurement once and it broke me instead:)

i wear kangaroo for racing but vanson cowhide on the street and i don't see any need to switch out for a long time. initial cost is only one way to calculate value. i think the most important measure is cost per wear. for the trackdays i think you'll want to get the upgraded armor.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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