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I'm 6'8" and an anabashed track junkie. after wearing illfitting 2 piece suits with the lycra connecting/zipper strip stretched to it's limits for a number of years, (there are no "tall" off the rack 1 piece leathers, by the way) I ordered a custom sized suit from Spyder LeatherWorks. the price was more than right; full featured: vented, speed hump, custom dyed color & design, patches & custom graphics, Bohn back protector sewn in (I supplied) ce armor; all for about half of what I would have paid for a Vanson. This is her 1st year of production, after doing repairs for quite a long time, as well as waranty work for a number of major retail brands, she's doing a limited number of suits this year (20, I believe) at greatly reduced prices, in exchange for extensive rider feedback. I should be receiving it in a couple weeks, look for a review of them at in the next month.


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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