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Travis Pastrana: Suzuki's Marketing Dream Boat

Remember that Travis is doing FMX on a S-U-Z-U-K-I. There are kids out there who want a dirt bike to cut up on in the back woods who will never run in an actual race. I've been selling Kawasakis for 4 years and I can say with confidence that 80% to 90% of the KXs we sell never come close to seeing a race track. These kids don't know James Stewart or Ricky Carmichael from a hole in the wall but they know Travis Pastrana from X-Games type televised competitions. Isn't there a movie out right now about extreme sports that features a whole heckuva lot of FMX? I've seen the commercials on ESPN. I've still got to "search local listings" (actually the web) to find out when the races will be aired. Where's the freakin' movie about MX racing? On Any Sunday? Is Steve McQueen still alive? Suzuki gets more exposure from Travis the Freestyler than from Travis the motocrosser by a long shot.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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