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Trick Components for the Speed Triple?

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Rent or lease a blonde.

I would not recommend buying one.

They tend to depreciate more quickly than your average American Dream.

Oh, and only one piece at a time.
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Is leasing a blonde the same as marrying one?

This is a link to a Triumph site. There are relatively few S3 aftermarket mods available and a blonde or perhaps a healthy brunette is your best advice. Consider a redhead only if the bike is roulette green.
the readhead's eyes must match the bike.

I've already got the blonde. Maybe the new leaders of govt can give me a Speed Triple 'cause I really NEED one. You know... each according to his need and all that. I'll convert if it'll get me an S3. Send the swag this way!
Oh yeah, you do see stuff like this in Asia. My favorites were the Lambretta three wheelers that had staked flatbeds and would be careening down the road full of people including people hanging on the sides...... blue smoke everywhere.

There's a picture of one of the variants on the bottom of this page.

BTW, is that Buz carrying the wine?
Oops, wrong page.
Aside from cans and chips, maybe a K&N there's not a whole lot the Speed Triple needs beside my fat ass sitting on the seat...

Sorry, I'm not blonde though.....
What? No Maltese Cross sissybars? No custom springer front ends? No beer keg fuel tanks? None of these things for Speed Triples?

What's the world coming to?
skyking ( carries quite a few bits for the bikes, and then there's Jack Lilly in the UK.

Wolf (trident) makes an underseat exhaust.

One of the problems of owning a "niche" bike; not a lot of aftermarket stuff.
I don't know if they even make 'em anymore - but a few years ago I rode an S3 with a Black Widow 3-1-3 exhaust on it with carbon cans - the very sound of that snarlin' sumbiotch caused me to ejaculate in my pants.........
Triumph has a pretty good accessory range, stop into your dealer to check it out.

We have a new Arrow GP-style three-into-one underslung megaphone that is quite the tasty piece of kit. :)
I had a friend with a cool carbon fiber exhaust. It was a full system that went under the seat and exited on the LEFT side of the bike; this was cool because it left the wheel fully exposed, really made the single-sided swingarm standout, instead of covering that "floating" wheel with an exhaust can. (The stock can exits on the right, and so do most aftermarket solutions.)

Also he had Ohlins suspension and it did work very well. Fully adjustable etc.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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