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Horse heathers (I have to be careful or I'll get censored again)! How can a company that has gone belly up more than once with breaks in production each time claim 100 years! Felt the same way about Indian. Kinda like folks who have been married and divorced several times with other marriages and lovers in between then re-married and claiming anniversary numbers from the first marriage!

All trying to steal the thunder from the one company that didn't roll over and die (eventhough they probably should have a couple of times) - Harley-Davidson! I'll be in Milwaukee in 2003, that one will be worthy of celebration!!

I really like Triumph, even live relatively close to Peachtree City (that is where the North American headquarters are - not Atlanta. Quite a few miles away from the big A), but will not take any part in this false anniversary.

Anyhow, they are completely ignoring the place where they are actually located - screw 'em.

Gee, I hope this doesn't hurt my possible job prospects with them...

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